Important Features of Digital Voice Recorders - Voice Recognition

Important Features of Digital Voice Recorders - Voice Recognition
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In a fast paced world where you need to get a lot of work done in so little time, you need tools that are efficient and very helpful with your work. One of these tools is digital voice recorders with voice recognition. Basically, a voice recorder with voice recognition is just the same as a regular digital voice recorder, but it has a highly improved functionality. Aside from voice recording, you can also have a hard copy transcript of what you have just recorded, without a lot of fuss.

What to Look For

Digital voice recorders with voice recognition allow you to convert speech to text. It’s simply dictating what you want to say and the words are appearing in front of your computer like it is being typed. There are three types of voice recognition software programs: command systems, discrete speech and continuous speech. The command systems can only recognize a few hundred words, the discrete speech is one you can use during dictations but there should be a pause between the words and for the continuous speech, it can be used for conversations where talking is constant.

There are several benefits to digital voice recorders with voice recognition. The most important one, of course, is the voice recognition feature and its transcription into a hardcopy. While you are away from your computer, you can still do your work dictating email, orders, documents and other necessary things. Another wonderful thing about this is that the device is small, and you can carry it with you wherever you go. There are also memory sticks that are added to the digital voice recorders with voice recognition which allow you to store larger amounts of data. These can be used for a variety of settings such as when you are at work, when you are in a meeting, or when you want to record a conversation that is extremely important.


Digital inspiration recommends digital recorders with voice recognition from Sony which are called ICD MX20 and ICD-MX20DR9. These will allow you to dictate emails, create Word documents or simply take down notes while you are away from your computer. These recorders are very light, and are easy to carry with you anywhere you go. For the DR9 version, it has speaking software that allows you to convert speech to text making it more expensive than the MX20. You can get them from

Another highly recommended brand for digital recorders is the Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 11. This has a wired headset, and has a special bundle with Andrea BT200. You can buy it from Amazon, from Nuance American Online Store or from This can help you control your digital world through your voice, wherever your location may be. What you have spoken can be converted to text, at a speed three times faster than typing.