Touchscreen Keyboard Buying Guide & Recommendations: Tips on What to Look for in a Touchscreen Keyboard

Touchscreen Keyboard Buying Guide & Recommendations: Tips on What to Look for in a Touchscreen Keyboard
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Traditional Keyboard

The traditional computer keyboard has been around since the advent of modern computers. We are all used to the clicking sound and the feel of buttons on our fingers as we type, but a new emerging technology surrounding touchscreen technology is changing the game in computer typing. A touchscreen keyboard removes the need for cleaning the tiny crevices between keys that can take a lot of effort especially if one does not clean their keyboard regularly. If you are considering to move on to a touchscreen keyboard, here are a few tips to help you out in picking the right one for you.

The Problem with Crevices

Traditional keyboards present us with several problems in terms of keeping keyboards clean and functional. Dirt, dust and other tiny things from our daily lives can get into the keyboard via the crevices between the keys. Whether it is a keyboard for a desktop computer or a built-in keyboard on a laptop, there will always be crevices between the keys. This is one problem you want to get rid of when you move to a touchscreen keyboard. Since it is one of your considerations why you are leaving traditional keyboards behind, you would want to look for a touchscreen keyboard that is easy to clean. Something that does not get dirty easily is a good pick for you. Anything that requires minimal effort in cleaning is always a good option. Make sure that the product you are getting will not require you to spend several minutes in cleaning it. As much as possible, one swipe of cloth over the keyboard should be the only cleaning that you will ever do with your touchscreen keyboard.

Size of the Keyboard

Since you are already used to the size and the space between keys in traditional keyboards, it would be extremely helpful if the touchscreen keyboard you are getting is similar to size and spacing as your old keyboard. It may require you to get used of not experiencing the pushing down feeling you get when typing on a traditional keyboard, but that is not a major issue. An important one is that the touchscreen keyboard should be as easy to use as possible, and this involves the keyboard having the same key structure and spacing that you are already accustomed to.

Additional Features

It would be great if the touchscreen keyboard you are considering is more than just a keyboard. Some touchscreen keyboards offer other features like the ability to change the character set right from the keyboard itself and even the ability to be used for mobile devices. The more features a touchscreen keyboard has, the more worthy it is of your money.

Suggestions for a Touchscreen Keyboard

Acer Frameless Laptop with Touchscreen Keyboard

Minebea’s Cool Leaf

Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard

So far, most touchscreen keyboards can be found on mobile devices, but there are products that are capable of interfacing with desktop and laptop computers. Some of them are even built-in features in laptops. A few of these promising touchscreen keyboards include Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard, Acer’s frameless laptop that includes a touchscreen keyboard and Minebea’s Cool Leaf.