Top 10 Touchscreen Monitors Recommendations

Top 10 Touchscreen Monitors Recommendations
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Touchscreen technology is making the standard flat screen monitor seem as outdated as the cathode ray. There are several companies vying for the top spot in touchscreen monitors; ELO, GVision, 3M, and Planar shoot to the top of the list.

Here are the top ten touchscreen monitors on the market today with specs, sorted into three price categories: bargain priced touchscreen monitors, midrange touchscreen monitors, and elite high priced touchscreen monitors.

Top 3 Bargain Touchscreen Monitors

1. GVISION L15AX-JA-452G Black 15" Serial 5-wire Resistive Touchscreen LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 400:1 Built-in Speakers.

The low profile of this monitor allows it to fit into most restrictive computer desks. It is a great replacement that would work in a small office or dorm room setting. Price - $359.


2. TVS SE19NP2 Black 19" 5ms LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 1000:1 Built-in Speakers PIP and POP Multi Display Function.

This monitor is great for doubling as a television with 6 scanning types: Over, Under, Full, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, S-Video and Two Composite Video Looping User Friendly Front Control and OSD Multi-language Support, and optional Anti-reflection Protection Glass. It can either be mounted directly to a wall or on the included stand. Price - $359.


3. PLANAR PT1510MX Black 15" Dual serial/USB 5-wire Resistive Touchscreen LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 450:1 Built-in Speakers.

This particular model is a workhorse allowing for multiple applications to run simultaneously and comes standard with anti-glare coating, multi-language display, a Kensington security lock function and built-in 75 mm VESA. Price - $389.

Top 3 Midrange Touchscreen Monitors

Planar PT1975S

4. PLANAR PT1975S (997-3410-00) 19" 1280 x 1024 5ms Surface Acoustic Wave Dual Serial/USB Touchscreen Monitor w/Speakers 270 cd/m2 800:1.

This model uses a surface acoustic wave touch system that outperforms most standard 5 wire resistive systems that recognizes touch input from finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus. It comes with built-in 75mm and 100mm VESA, anti-glare coating, multi-language display, on screen display (OSD), and a base with -5° to 90° tilt range. Price - $719


5. ELO TOUCHSYSTEMS 2039L(E462322) Black 20" Dual serial/USB 5-wire Resistive Touchscreen Monitor 369 cd/m2 600:1.

ELO has been at the forefront of touchscreen technology for several years. This model has a resolution of 1680 x 1050, contrast ratio of 600:1, and supports 16.7 million colors. It features 100 mm VESA mount with mounting brackets included. It is a bit slow with a 17ms response time but that doesn’t deter it from getting a great rating as the video display is one of the crispest on the market. Price - $844

3M M1700SS

6. 3M M1700SS Black 17" Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor 300 cd/m2 800.

This monitor delivers a crystal clear picture with a quick 9ms response time. Price - $630

Top 3 Elite Touchscreen Monitors


7. ELO TOUCHSYSTEMS 3239L(E526000) Black 32" Dual serial/USB 5-wire Resistive LCD Open-Frame Touchmonitor 450 cd/m2 1500:1.

If the huge 32” screen doesn’t reel you in, check out the specs on this one; 1680 x 1050 resolution, 8ms response time, a 5-wire resistive touchscreen, analog RGB and digital video inputs and all for a reasonable price. Price - $1499.

Hyundai D320MLI

8. HYUNDAI D320MLI 32” Widescreen Professional Touch Screen Display - 720p, 1366x768, 16:9, 2000:1 Dynamic, 8ms, USB, VGA, HDMI.

Hyundai D320MLI 32" Widescreen Professional Touch Screen Display features 720p resolution and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. It uses a response time of 8ms for smooth action and an IR touch screen for total interactivity. Price - $1299.

Samsung Syncmaster 320TSN-2

9. SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 320TSN-2 32” LCD Touchscreen Monitor with 32” SPVA Display with 1366 x 768 Max Resolution, 8ms Response Time, 3000:1 Contrast Ratio, Touch screen, and built in speakers.

The Samsung 320TSN-2 32" LCD touch screen display takes communication to an interactive level. The 320TSN-2 is a simple, integrated solution, featuring fast and accurate touch-sensitive infrared (IR) technology. Price - $2399

Best Value Touchscreen Monitor


10. GVISION P17BH-AB-459G Black 17" 5 wire resistive LCD Touchscreen Monitor w/ Tilt Adjustments 260 cd/m2 500:1 Built in Speakers 0.264mm Pixel Pitch.

Resistive touchscreen technology integrated with a Gtouch resistive sensor, the Gvision P17BH-AB-459G responds to any input device, including a finger, gloved hand or pen stylus for increased input flexibility.

The touchscreen monitor features a built-in audio system, eliminating separate speakers to save more space on your desk.

Additionally, the monitor has a VESA mounting interface on the back for easy wall or arm mounting to save space.

The Gvision P17BH-AB-459G provides both USB and serial RS-232 interfaces for easy connection to a variety of POS, thin client or PC systems.

It supports both digital and analog VGA inputs to double your connection possibilities. Price - $479.