Latest Gadgets Using Light - Technology of the Future

Latest Gadgets Using Light - Technology of the Future
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The applications of light are promising for use with consumer electronics, medical and for pure entertainment value. The following are some of the latest gadgets using light.

Light Touch

Light Touch is one of the latest gadgets using light that can allow users to use any flat surface as a keyboard or screen. It uses holographic laser projection (HLP) technology to produce images in WVGA resolution. With the use of an infrared sensor, Light Touch can detect motion, which allows interaction with applications. It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device runs on Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 and has 2GB of built in Flash memory. It was designed by Light Blue Optics, a company that specializes in miniature sized projection systems for use in automotive, consumer electronics and digital signage.

Light Touch

LightTouch image

Photochemical Tissue Bonding with Green Laser Light

Photochemical tissue bonding is a process that can seal open wounds. Since 2008, it is being researched with success at the Massachusetts General Hospital. It works by first applying a special pink dye to the wound called “Rose Bengal.” A gadget then beams a green laser light on it for three minutes to seal it. The dye absorbs the light, stimulating electrons that bond with collagen to create a small seal. The result of this process allows the wound to heal with less scarring. The Air Force Office of Scientific research hopes to use this technique to help with battlefield injuries. As of 2010, the process is not widely available to the public.

Light Peak

Light Peak is a new technology created by Intel for faster data transfer between gadgets. It utilizes a new high speed optical cable that is said to be twice as fast as USB 3.0 with a bandwidth starting at 10 GB per second. Data is transferred by light instead of electricity. Its optical module converts electricity to light with the use of miniature lasers and photo detectors. Unlike electrical cable technology, Light Peak does not have any problems with electromagnetic interference. It is expected to become available to the public in 2011.

Light Peak Optical Cable

Light Peak Optical Module

Pro Artic Laser

Pro Artic Laser

The Pro Artic laser is a one of the latest gadgets using light available from Wicked It is a handheld gadget that uses 445nm blue laser diodes to create a powerful beam. The device is lithium powered and waterproof. Pro Artic is not a toy and considered a class IV laser. These are generally purchased by laser enthusiasts and are used with caution. Wicked Lasers also offers other models of lasers that can be purchased through their website. The lasers they offer also have practical applications for use in the military, astronomy and in the arts and entertainment industry.

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