Tips and Ideas on Buying Small Digital Voice Recorders

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Small Digital Voice Recorders

Small digital voice recorders help you record meetings, notes, reminders, conversations and random thoughts that need to be remembered at a later time without the fuss of bulky tape recorders. The compact body of these small digital voice recorders makes them easy to carry around and use, which is one of its main draws for consumers. If you are looking to buy one of these handy gadgets, here’s your voice recorder buying guide.

Know Your Reason for Using a Small Digital Voice Recorder

There are many uses for these devices so before you set out to shop for one, make sure that you have a clear idea of what you are going to do with it so you can gauge features and prices better. For people who want to use this to take notes, make sure that you are getting a voice recorder that is easy to handle and hold for long periods of time. Something that you can easily get out of your pocket is a good choice because you will never know when you will need it. It is best if you can have access to it in the quickest way possible.

If you are thinking of using a small digital voice recorder as a spy gadget, look for the really small ones. It won’t be very useful if you can’t easily hide it from plain view. Check also if it is powerful enough to record voices and sounds clearly even if there are obstructions between it and your targets. Keep in mind, though, that spying is rude and in some ways, creepy. Do it at your own risk.

There are voice recorders that are specifically designed for tasks other than recording and playing back voice recordings. Some are equipped to for recording both voice and music, while some have the ability to modify the recorded voices. It is up to you to determine which voice recorder has the features you need.

Voice Quality

A voice recorder will be totally useless if it does not have good recording quality. It would be very inconvenient to record an entire lecture on quantum physics only to find out when you get home that you can’t understand one word from the recording, not because you don’t understand quantum physics, but because the quality is very poor. If possible, test the recording quality of a voice recorder before purchasing it. You need to be very comfortable with its quality before you decide on owning the device.


Look for a voice recorder that has a large internal memory and can support external media like flash memory cards or USB connectivity. This will ensure you that you will always have the appropriate amount of space for your recordings and you will be able to back up your important data efficiently. Large memory capacity comes in small packages these days so it wouldn’t be hard to find a voice recorder with this specification.

Read Reviews

A lot of voice small digital voice recorders have similar features and are on the same price range, so one way of narrowing down your choices is to read user reviews online. The best recommendation for a product will always come from the people who own and use them.