Kids Karaoke Machine Buying Guide

Kids Karaoke Machine Buying Guide
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When shopping for a kids karaoke machine, you don’t have to spend a fortune. There is always a good chance that, no matter how much children beg for a new toy or electronic device, they will play with it incessantly for a week and then it will collect dust in a closet or corner.

Consider your child and your budget. If you have a blooming rock star on your hands who has been singing since she knew how to talk and you can comfortably spend a little more, you may wish to invest in a higher-quality model. However, if a karaoke machine is simply another device on an ever-expanding wishlist or your funds are somewhat limited, you should be able to find a quality kids karaoke machine for around $50 and perhaps even less.


Some karaoke machines come pre-loaded with music and no means of adding any additional tunes. If you have very young children, they might not mind singing the same tunes again and again. If you have older kids who will want to sing along with the latest hits, or you are afraid you will go bonkers ceaselessly listening to the same toddler music, you may want to shop for a kids karaoke machine that can play a variety of songs. Some machines allow you to purchase additional music while others can play your CDs and even MP3s. Consider your child’s age and musical preferences.


You may not require many bells and whistles for a child’s karaoke player. However, there are a few accessories you may want to consider. First, how many microphones does it include or can be used with it? Even if you have an only child, when friends come over they may all want to sing together. Having a couple of microphones can save a lot of tears and hurt feelings. A headphone jack can be a wonderful accessory, too, particularly if you can convince your child to sing along quietly.

Ease of Use

Look for a karaoke machine that is easy to use, especially for younger kids. A machine that requires setup every time your children want to use it is much less likely to be enjoyed, particularly over time as the novelty wears off. The buttons and knobs should be simple and large enough for a young child to manipulate. Older kids may appreciate the option of advanced features, such as echo control or other voice manipulation, so consider your child’s age and abilities.


Choose a kids karaoke machine that is durable. Kids can be rough on playthings and accidents will happen. Starting out with a sturdy machine will prevent mishaps from totalling the karaoke machine. Besides, if it ends up tucked away in the attic, a well-made machine can be dragged back out for other children down the road.