Strange Gadgets: The Weirdest Things You'll Ever See!

Strange Gadgets: The Weirdest Things You'll Ever See!
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The world of gizmos and gadgets is a fascinating one, but some of them really try too hard to be awesome and end up being useless or just plain strange. Here is a list of the top ten strange gadgets:

Top 10 Strange Gadgets Ever Made

10. Transparent toaster: Have you ever wanted to see how a piece of bread is slowly toasted? Or maybe you just want to know when it’s

done so you don’t burn it? Well, here you have the solution. With this toaster made of glass, you will see exactly how the toast keeps getting darker and darker. Plus, it looks really cool!

9. Glowing shirts: If you really want to get someone’s attention you can always buy these shirts, which are completely normal except for the fact that they have huge neon drawings on them. They look nice (they come in many shapes too, for example the classic “Space Invader” spaceships) and their glow is quite intense. You can find them in the famous Candem Market in London, but beware, they are quite expensive.

8. Flying Alarm Clock: This clock has a rotor attached to it which goes off at the alarm’s designated time and flies all over the room.

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At the same time, the “normal” part of the alarm clock makes an incredibly loud noise which sounds like a siren. And even if you snooze it, it will go off again and again until you search for the rotor and put it back in place (and by that time you will be fully awake, trust me).

7. Solar Briefcase: This solar-powered case for the laptop gives you that extra bit of energy when you are out of battery. Its usefulness is questionable since you are required to leave the laptop in the sun (possibly exploding, melting, or worse), but maybe it could save you in some emergency. Definitely more popular in places like Spain or Miami than in the northern countries.

6. DVD Rewinder: Yes, they exist, and yes, they are a scam (or novelty gadget, depending on your point of view). This device spins your disc backwards while playing a pre-recorded rewind sound. That’s it.


5. Intelligent Spoon: This is destined to be the spoon of the future. It has multiple sensors which measure the temperature, pH, salinity and viscosity of the food and records it. You can then download the data into a computer.

4. Origami DVD Player: This device is still in an experimental phase and it uses a fully-flexible screen (e-paper) to display the videos. Then the screen can be folded up neatly back into the case!

3. Bouncing Digital Camera: This gadget is incredibly awesome. It’s a bouncing ball with a well-protected camera inside it.

The camera fires off every time it hits the ground so you can make some crazy pictures. You can also throw it off a cliff, make a photo

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of the bottom and then (maybe) catch it! The only problem is that the lens sometimes lands facing the ground. It also has a timer to make photos while in the air.

2. On-Target Videogame Urinal: A really strange gadget. This urinal has a pressure-sensitive display which initiates a game when you direct your urine into it. You need good accuracy with your “gun” to press it as much time as possible so you get the highest score. Its practical purpose is hygiene so people won’t spray all over the bathroom. Disgusting, I know, but certainly worthy of making our list of the top strange gadgets ever made!

1. Toilet Paper RSS Reader: You read it right. Instead of reading your RSS feeds on your computer or iPad, you can use this awesome gadget to print them in toilet paper and read when you are in the bathroom. The person who invented this didn’t think of the consequences of wasting hundreds of trees or going home with 50 toilet paper rolls … it’s just so wrong! Still, this is the weirdest gadget ever and definitely deserves the first spot!

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