The Concept of Touchscreen Kitchen Countertops

The Concept of Touchscreen Kitchen Countertops
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Touchscreen Kitchen Countertops

Touchscreen kitchen countertops are the newest and smartest gadgets that are made to make one’s life easy in the kitchen. No more will you find yourself scampering for your grandmother’s soufflé recipe before your guests make it to your doorstep. Nor will you be calculating the calorific and nutritional value of a portion of bacon by yourself. This is all thanks to the technology of touchscreen kitchen countertops.

The concept of touchscreen kitchen countertops has been researched and tried by several people in the past, but only a few have been successful in this. One of the successful researches for the Touchscreen kitchen countertops has been done by Ryder Ziola, a graduate student at the University of Washington, along with a research team. The system is also known as the Oasis system.

Touchscreen Countertop - Function

Dubbed as the countertop with a brain, the touchscreen kitchen countertop is a smart household appliance that seems to have come directly from the future. The system features domestic appliances making use of artificial intelligence at a whole other level. The primary intention of the design of the touchscreen kitchen countertop is to aid users to carry out culinary and cooking activities in a totally innovative way.

Technology Employed, Design and Directions to Use

The touchscreen kitchen countertop device is set to employ a PrimeSense 3-D depth-perceiving camera, which recognizes a certain food article, ingredient or even a human hand and responds accordingly. Currently the touchscreen kitchen countertop relies on a color-detecting mechanism to analyze the item placed on it.

Being an interactive gadget, the touchscreen kitchen countertop also displays the information using the emerging and compact technology of Microvision Pico projector. Laying a slice of ham on the interactive countertop would result in the display of suggested recipes which uses ham, along with the stored nutritional information about them. The display of these details is a result of the recognition of the ham slice by the depth-sensory 3-D camera.

Sensing the various characteristic traits such as the color, nature, texture and general contour of the article placed on the countertop, the computer runs a search through its database simultaneously and puts out the information on the screen. Similarly, placing two different food items together would give you an idea of the various recipes that you could whip up using both the ingredients. A new food item can be added to the database simply by placing it on the countertop and listing it on the catalog.

Once you are done with the use of the displayed information, simply wave your hand, which will be sensed and recognized by the camera, resulting in clearing up of the screen. The camera also identifies the motion of the hand and whether it is in direct contact with the touchscreen kitchen countertop or not.

Projected to be a mainstay in the kitchen of the years to come, these countertops take cooking to a totally different level. Inventors even predict the user reaction to be as fantastic as that of the touchscreen, hi-tech smart phones of today. The flexibility of its use and the convenience it provides makes the touchscreen kitchen countertop a great deal for your money.

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