Top 20 Computer Game Gadgets: The Best In-Game Gadgets of All Time

Top 20 Computer Game Gadgets: The Best In-Game Gadgets of All Time
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In the world of videogames there are many awesome gadgets that the main characters use in their adventures. Here you have the top 20 computer game gadgets!

The Best Computer Game Gadgets


20. Pip-Boy

One of the most iconic gadgets of the Fallout series, used to control all your attributes, items and stats. It has the appearance of an old ms-dos computer because Fallout takes place in a post-apocalyptic era.

19. Icarus Wings

This artifact is used in God of War to fly over small gaps, attack enemies and, if you get over an air current, to travel quite long distances. They are brutally taken (obviously) from Icarus, who finally falls to the eternal flames of the Hades.

18. F.L.U.D.D

A water propeller that the Italian plumber Mario uses in his game “Super Mario Sunshine”. This gadget is used for platforming purposes (staying in the air) but also to be propelled to the sky, to travel at blazing speeds over the water’s surface, or to clean ugly paintings around “Isle Delfino”.

17. Dagger of Time

This artifact comes from the game “Prince of Persia”. it’s used by the Prince to control time and slow it down or rewind it when he dies or falls from a great height. And incredibly useful gadget which makes him essentially immortal.

16. Ribbon

This accessory appears in every Final Fantasy game, and it protects you from any kind of status-alteration. You can imagine it pretty much like a fashionable cloth ribbon wrapped around the character. Although not a classic “technical” gadget, it’s still extremely useful.


15. Morph-o-Ray

There are many imaginative items in Ratchet and Clank, but this one is the best of the bunch: it transforms enemies into chickens! There’s not much more that can be said about this item except that it’s incredibly amusing to use. Yes, chickens. Cluck, cluck.

14. Hearthstone

One of the most valued tools in World of Warcraft. Useful to instantly get home from anywhere in the world. So after an evening of killing Horde, you can just use this and go to the Auction House or the bank in a few second.

It was also used in the infamous “Bubble+Hearth” combo that the Paladin used to escape an angry mob of enemy players unscathed. Very infuriating for the opposing faction but hilarious when you used it!

13. Laptop Gun

Used in Perfect Dark, this “thing” is actually a gun (and very powerful one!) that can also be transformed into a laptop computer so you can look at important data or control some remote machinery. The kind of thing you use in your everyday office job.

12. Red Shell

Probably the most annoying item in Mario Kart. It’s a throwable shell with a tracking system that will automatically search for a target and destroy it. It’s very difficult to avoid and sometimes worse than a modern high-tech missile thrown directly at your face.

11. Night Vision Goggles

This real-life gadget is used in the Call of Duty series. As the name suggests, it lets you see in the dark. Perfect for stealth missions at night … and at the same time you even look very cool!

10. James Bond’s Wristwatch

Watch Identifier

The utility gadget “par excellence”. This watch can be used to remotely control a car, break locks with its laser, detonate bombs … and to know what time it is.

9. Morphball:

Samus (from the Metroid series) uses it to morph into a small ball which fits into previously inaccessible places and serves to solve some puzzles. It can also be used to travel at ultra high speeds, stick to magnetic rails or leave bombs all over the place.

8. Plasmid Syringe

Used in Bioshock. It contains EVE, the fuel that powers plasmids (“genetic modifiers” which give you superpowers like fire, electricity or telekinesis). This tool is used constantly through the game and it’s the key to beat the most difficult enemies, since without EVE you aren’t able to use your genetically acquired abilities.

7. Ocarina

Although certainly not a “modern gadget”, this instrument is Link’s equivalent to a James Bond wristwatch. When you play it, many thing can happen, like doors opening or being instantly transported to the other side of the world. A lovely “gadget” because it combines utility with beautiful melodies!

6. Bolt-gun

This was originally an industrial tool used by the Helgans in Killzone 2, but was soon modified into a weapon. It fires high-speed bolts which pins the subject into a wall and instantly kills him. It also has an explosive charge which detonates a few seconds later and it damages nearby enemies. Incredibly fun to use in single player and multiplayer but a lot of skill is needed to aim efficiently with it.


5. Grappling Hook

A staple in Link’s arsenal, this gadget is used to cross wide gaps. After firing it, it attaches to any non-rocky surface and pulls Link to that spot. It can be used to climb many areas but also as a weapon to “pull away” Morpha’ s (a giant amoeba) eye in the Water Temple.

4. Octocamo

This is the gadget that Solid Snake uses in MGS4. It’s a nano-suit which perfectly blends with the environment in a few seconds. Essential in most parts of the game (especially in harder difficulties) to sneak between the soldier patrols even in highly illuminated areas.

3. Portal Gun

A genius gadget used in the game “Portal”. This weapon/tool creates portals in a wall which you can enter to be transported to a completely different place. The key here is that you keep the momentum and speed when you enter the first portal, so you can use it to reach seemingly inaccessible areas by running and jumping.

But remember, the cake is a lie!

2. Pokéball

Definitely worthy of the second spot in this list of the top 20 computer game gadgets.

Where would Pokemon Trainers store their beloved animal-fighters if it weren’t for this marvelous piece of technology? Throw a Pokéball at a Pokemon and (if it’s weak enough) the Pokéball will capture it, then you can use the newly acquired Pokémon to fight against other Pokémon trainers. The Pokéball is really small too so it’s very easy to carry it in any kind of backpack!

1. Gravity Gun

This is the number one computer game gadget for a reason. It completely changed the way you played the videogame, making you able to use the environment in a smart way to kill your enemies in imaginative ways. For example, by grabbing a saw and throwing it to an enemy to cut it’s head off.

It has been copied in many games (like Bioshock) where the Gravity Gun takes the form of a plasmid power which lets you return fireballs to their owners, lift heavy objects or even solve some complicated puzzles.

I hope that you liked this list of the best computer game gadgets! What’s your favorite on this list, or something not mentioned here? Let us know by commenting below!

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