USB Heated Blanket Review: Which One is Best?

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Technology has progressed a great deal over the decades and we use things in our daily lives now that we might not even have thought of a couple of years ago and one of those very things are gadgets that rely on a USB interface. With this USB heated blanket review we look at the latest product to draws power from the USB hub and offer convenience and functionality to the user.

USE heated blankets are available now for approximately 20-30 dollars. They are an innovative product that use the USB port as a power source to heat a blanket which before today used a standard electrical power source. This product is as convenient as it sounds because for people at workplaces, or people travelling, this could be powered on by simply plugging the cable into the USB port of a laptop, or desktop computer.

Varieties of USB Heated Blankets

One company that manufactures this gadget is Brando, (Product Code: ULIFE007100). Their product has a lot of great features like the 125 cm cable that comes with it, and the range of colors that it can be bought in. What’s also unique about this product is that it has a button to fasten the blanket if you wear it around your shoulders like a cape. So in many ways you can see why it tops the list of a USB heated blanket review.

Another manufacturer of USB heated blankets is THANKO (Model no. USB 40). THANKO is a Japanese company that has also ventured into other USB heated products like their much coveted “breast warmer” which may or may not be a sigh of relief to the female population. However, the USB heated blanket that they manufacture has a very slick and modern design and can be wrapped around your arm, neck or waistline, and it is easily connected to the computer via a standard USB port. The Japanese are very good at what they do when it comes to technology so you can be sure that this product is a good buy.

Potential for Growth in Demand

Taking a rather unique market share into play, USB heated blankets are only made by a handful of companies but they have the potential to make it big. Portability is one if the USB heated blankets key features. Whether one sits at home in front of a desktop PC or is on the move using a laptop, the USB heated blanket can be a fast journey towards a more comfortable computer experience. The usefulness of such a product is clear to see, and it is surely only a matter of time before more manufacturers create USB heated blankets for review. Until that time, check out the models offered by Brando and THANKO as you strive to keep warm at home or on the road.