Is The G.I. Joe High Tech Toy Set Worth Your Money?

Is The G.I. Joe High Tech Toy Set Worth Your Money?
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The Hasbro G.I. Joe toy two-packs come on a blister card of about 7 inches x 8 inches. You’ll find one figure on either sides, accompanied by a house full of accessories, and miniaturized versions of the uber cool gizmos.

You can find a huge comic-book style depiction of Hi-Tech, Valor VS Venom storyline, as well as the portraits of other figures including Beachhead and Destro.

Opening the Package

You’ll find most of accessories taped down to the interior tray, and you can easily tear the bottom and sides with the help of scissors.

Now, you must be wary of culpts of Hi-Tech and the missile launcher body snagging on plastic tray’s cutout areas. The rest of the things should be a cakewalk to unpack.

Rules to Play

Each of the single carded figures is worthy 2 battle points, while the UPC is considered worth 4, which is located on the bottom.

Be wary not to throw off the interior insert, as it has file cards of Hi-Tech and Doctor Mindbender’s printed on the back.

Now, you should see the little instruction sheet that tells you how to outfit the arm communicator gauntlet, put test tubes in the laptop computer, and assemble the launcher; everything inside the insert mentioned above.

Now, you can open up the instruction sheet, and follow the other rules to play!

Highlights of the Toy

Leaving apart the mediocre design, you’d definitely enjoy the missile launcher, rotating neck, rotating/swivel ball-jointed hips, pivoting peg-joint knees, cut rotating biceps, and the pivoting peg-joint elbows.

Of course, you’ll also realize that the joints are fairly tightly packed, and the rotating/swiveling O-ring waist as well as ball-jointed shoulders work as expected, to deliver maximum fun!

Pros and Cons

G I Joy

Figure2The G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Collection figure is available for $10 (lowest price), while 2 packs of Valor VS Venom figures will cost you about $11 in total. Hence, as far as pricing, it is definitely an excellent deal, especially when you consider the toy size, number of accessories, and the superb paint applications.

Moreover, the large missile launcher platform really does a great job, though parents must supervise their kids to ensure that those missiles don’t go and hit the guests, neighbors, or anyone who’s in its range (including your pets!).

In some cases, you end up spending a fair deal of money buying 2 different toy figures for higher prices, but this toy set gives you a combination of villain and hero, so that your little kiddo can happily play around with them.

On the downside, the pre-posed hands aren’t designed that great and transparent plastic could have been better utilized on the boat on the test tube. The overall design is quite mediocre, nonetheless the package offers bang for the buck!

Warning for Parents

The G.I. Joe High Tech toy set is meant for growing children that are 5 years or older. Moreover, the small accessories in the set can be choking hazard for your little toddler(s). And, lastly you’d want to make sure that you kiddo doesn’t fire those missiles at your pets or neighbors!

Where to Buy

You can purchase the G.I. Joe high-tech toy set at Amazon.