New Tech Hair Removal: Make Yourself Feel Better by Looking Better

New Tech Hair Removal: Make Yourself Feel Better by Looking Better
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Hair Removal History

Hair removal has its beginnings from civilization’s grooming practices based on political and fashion beliefs. It has ranged from the olden shearing ways, to the recent razoring, tweezing, and waxing, to the modern electrolisizing and lasering methods. New tech hair removal plateaued from the practical needs to the vain desires of people to have smoother and fairer appearances.

The practice of shaving and trimming facial hair is traced to have been started by the early Egyptians, Greeks and the other civilizations that appeared during those times. It started with their leaders and spread across the people in no time at all. The golden age of grooming, seen as the predecessor of the new tech hair removal procedures, came in the early 1800s. Because of advances in steel technology, the first quality razor blade came out.

Laser Beam

New tech hair removal now uses laser beam pulses or high intensity light bursts to terminate hair follicles and retard the growth of hair. This treatment is usually repeated for several times in order to prevent the recurrence of hair growth in the follicles. This hair removal procedure works better for patients with fair skin and dark hair, but it has technological options to also meet the requirements of other physical attributes. It is worthy to note that for the entire duration of this treatment, close supervision by a qualified physician is of utmost necessity as there may be remote side effects to this new tech hair removal. Laser beams that could include burning, purpura, itchiness, scarring and similar dysfunctions. However, all these could be prevented with medical interventions and safeguards by the supervising doctor.

There are also lasers that are suitable for home use. Two popular products are the Tria Beauty At Home Laser Hair Removal System with Body Wash and EPILA SI-808 Personal Laser Diode Hair Remover System.

Laser Hair Removal


Another new technology uses the ultrasound method and medical tests prove that after the initial treatment, there is a mean hair reduction of about 38 percent. Developers of this ultrasound based solution have seen promising and positive results on the use of this modern technology.

The ultrasound procedure uses what is called the Impresa technology, a duly registered patent. Using an ultrasound leader, acoustic energy is directed to the hair shaft and follicle, converting the concentrated sound energy into heat energy. The prevailing treatment temperature rises profusely to cause an almost permanent stop to the re-growth of hair and yet the surrounding skin remains unaffected.

This treatment procedure can be administered and is generally safe both for men and for women. Its effectiveness and safety has been proven through the many patients who have undergone this treatment. It is relatively less painful than other hair removal procedures and is generally cost-effective. This treatment is friendly to virtually all hair types and skin tones, and can be used in any part of the body with no side effect sustained.

Hair Removal Cream

Another new tech hair removal product, suitable for home use, is the hair removal cream which can be used to easily and effectively rid the body of excess hair. The cream is simply applied generously on the area of concern, and after a few minutes, when the cream is removed, the hair is likewise taken off leaving only smooth skin. A popular choice is the ExHair Vanishing Hair Creme.