The 10 Best Funny Alarm Clocks to Get You Going in the Morning

The 10 Best Funny Alarm Clocks to Get You Going in the Morning
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The criteria for a funny alarm clock is its price, design, technological innovative uses other than the basic function of an alarm clock, and its sense of humor regardless of opinions of whether or not it is actually humorous to some people; however, in order for a clock to even be assessed, its basic functioning must be that of an actual alarm clock and one that can be found anywhere on the internet and not isolated in specific countries, such as Japan who reigns supreme in creating odd gadgets that are both expensive and can possibly be confusing to users outside of Japan.

10. Kaboom

The Kaboom features a sleek and unique design. It’s function is to be extremely loud and is not designed for those who are faint of heart as it begins to tick and then sends a series of loud sonic boom quality noises. The cost varies from $10 to $50, but is relatively cheap; however, it offers no other feature, but the design and how to turn it off can be very funny and entertaining for children and computer geeks. It runs on AAA batteries and has radio capabilities built in it. This clock can be found anywhere online and has other names, such as Sonic Boom and Boom Clock.

9. The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock is hilarious. It is relatively cheap, available anywhere, runs on AA batteries, and features over ten phrases depending on the model. This clock yells and insults its sleeper and continues to do so until the snooze button is hit. Unless the user has a very sensitive personality, this is one clock that is sure to wake up anyone up; however, its features aren’t overly unique and this clock is almost a classic in that respect.

8. Chicken and Egg

This clock lays eggs as the alarm goes off and the newest version has a moving head and flapping wings. The noise is unbearably loud and in order to shut it off one must not only put the eggs in through the gap between the head and body of the chicken, but they must be in order, which is difficult since they all look identical, but has a specific device that is unique to each egg, maybe its weight, that sets them apart. The clock’s design is very kid-friendly and perfect for teenagers away from home.

The ideal clock for children who are young enough to handle being irritated by its unique feature, but not very ideal for most adults who run on coffee every morning. It is cost effect and its price varies depending on where one purchased it online, but should not cost more than $80. The latest version comes with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged by sunlight versus the AA batteries the older models featured.

7. Flying Alarm Clock

Although the Flying Alarm Clock is not a new invention, it is very entertaining and its main function is to encourage the sleeper to actively pick up the key, put it back on, push down to activate the snooze, and then finally click the alarm off on the clock. It isn’t that funny, but it is cheap and watching someone else wake up to this alarm clock is entertaining, which is why it’s made it on our list of funny alarm clocks.

The clock operates on AA batteries and can be plugged in to an outlet as well, it features a lock and key type of design, it is available anywhere, and costs under $50 anywhere online. Its alarm is a combination of beeps, sirens, and screeching sounds that encourages anyone to retrieve the fan, the key, in order to turn the alarm off or at least hit the snooze.

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Here are more funny alarm clocks worth checking out…

6. Chrome Clocky

This clock by itself is not that funny, but it is relatively cheap at under $50, effective, features a unique and cool design, and is available everywhere in stores and online. Its fame comes from college experience, since it not only gets a person awake with its annoying racket, it makes them get up and chase this clock around since it won’t stop moving around.

This clock’s unique feature of running away from the user makes it not only funny, but fun to watch others suffering of its wake up call and get their daily exercise in as well.

5. Find the Pin or Anemone Clock

This clock is perfect for those who love to play puzzle games or otherwise more engaged people who aren’t in a hurry since the alarm won’t stop until the right pin has been found and pulled. The alarm clock comes in different sizes, colors, and texture. Although not a popular alarm clock, it is a collector’s item since it is not readily available in most online markets, such as Amazon. Its cost is relatively high since it is rare and usually ranges from $100 to $200 depending on where the clock is bought.

Its unique features also include mobility of the clock itself. The clock’s body is covered in pins that pop up and down causing it to move around and making it ever so difficult to find the right pin, making this clock either really funny or really irritating.

4. Clockman

Next on our list of funny alarm clocks is the Clockman. A Japanese invention, the Clockman is available everywhere online; however, it only speaks Japanese. The clock has four versions based on blood type, such as A, B, AB, and O, which is an Asian cultural phenomenon that personality is based on blood type. In short, the clocks are to match its user’s personality. The Clockman is available almost anywhere on the internet and the prices varies depending where one buys it from, usually ranges from $50 all the way up to $131.

Its funny aspect is the statements the clock makes and even after you hit the snooze, it continues to make remarks until it “falls asleep.” The design is a box shape, mobile clock with a mouth and eyes that moves to form basic expressions and comes with motion and tilt sensors. It doesn’t appear to be worth the cost since its only funny function is its statements, which are in Japanese. The features are very fascinating and is said to make remarks that can be taken as not kid-friendly; however, one must learn Japanese to understand.

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Here are the final 3 of the top 10 funny alarm clocks.

3. Hide and Seek

This clock has the same concept and cost of the Chrome Clocky, but features a more pleasing and funnier design and look. The only difference is, this clock will run off and hide somewhere, usually under the bed or somewhere hard to reach. The noise levels can be adjusted and the highest level is said to be able to be heard throughout the house and possibly some of the neighborhood as well.

Kids, especially those who enjoy the Harry Potter series, will love how it resembles the Beast book. This is a very good gift for small children, especially the small and more flexible children since this clock tends to find its way into the tiniest of spaces somehow.

2. Sfera

The Sfera looks like a ball and it hovers above one’s bed. The cost of this clock varies from $30 to $50 making it one of the least expensive and highly innovative designed clocks there are. Although not a laugh out loud funny type of clock, the Sfera features a motorized function where every time one slaps the ball, the alarm turns off, but then goes up by a few inches, until the sleeper has to get all the way up to retrieve it from the ceiling. The clock’s cord can be adjusted with a full length of 6 feet; however, there are more of these types of funny alarm clocks out there that features a project of the time upon the slapping of the snooze button.

This clock is cheap, available almost anywhere, features a unique design and technique, and really works the sleeper into doing crunches as they try to wake up as well.

1. Nooby

This is by far the funniest alarm clock anyone has ever encountered. Although not intended for small children, the design of the Nooby is very appealing to small children, but users must be warned that small parts compose this clock and can easily be choked on. The Nooby is priced under $35, available everywhere online, comes in different colors, has a very unique feature, and can be taken anywhere since it runs on AA batteries.

The alarm clock goes off and the user has to ring its neck to stop it. Yes, in order to stop the alarm, the sleeping person must wrap its hand around its neck and shake the daylights out of it. The clock comes with a motor senor designed to turn off the alarm upon the right amount of shakes, usually takes about a minute of choking the little Nooby. The best advice for creating a more peaceful nature in children may be to avoid introducing this clock to them…however, it could possibly reduce a lot of stress for teenagers and adults.