Why Fingerprint Door Locks Aren't Just for Government Facilities

Why Fingerprint Door Locks Aren't Just for Government Facilities
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Fingerprint Door Locks

Imagine this. You get home from shopping and you have groceries in hand when you reach your door. Instead of using a key to let yourself in, you simply put your thumb on the scanner and your door pops open. Sure, it makes your life easier, but that isn’t even the most important effect of fingerprint door locks. With a fingerprint door lock, you have an ultra-modern looking doorknob that will remind you of a government agency every time you step through the door. Instead of a mundane living room, or a boring mud room, you might be stepping in to a top secret laboratory! These door knobs offer a lot of extra functionality while making you look really cool at the same time.


These cool home gadgets have many benefits, besides home protection. Say you have to get a house sitter for a week. If it isn’t someone you want to have a set of keys permanently, all you would have to do is scan their fingerprint in to the memory, and you can give them temporary access to your home. When you get back from vacation you can disable that access like they never had it and you won’t have to worry about them making a copy of your keys. If you have children and you want to lock the doors while they are at school, but you don’t want to trust them with a key, just scan their prints in to the system and they will never need a key again. They just make it easier for you and your family to get inside your house without making it any easier for criminals to do so.

What to Look For

When looking for a new fingerprint door lock you should look to see if it also has a keypad. If for any reason your fingerprint scanner stops working you will still be able to put the code in without having to carry around your key. You should also look to see how many fingerprints can be stored in the device. Normally they hold more fingerprints than you would ever really need, but it never hurts to check. A typical fingerprint door lock has the ability to hold dozens and in many cases over a hundred. Look at what powers the doorknob and how long it will last. Does it take AA’s AAA’s or maybe it has a built in battery. Consider the different options and think about what would work best for you.

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iTouchless Bio-Matic

The iTouchless Bio-Matic fingerprint door lock is a pretty interesting device. All of the fingerprint features of the doorknob are hidden. On first glance you would just assume that it was a normal doorknob. But after taking a closer look you notice that the top of the doorknob slides up revealing all of the technology underneath.


Aside from the hidden technology, this lock also has everything you could ask for from a doorknob. It has the capacity to hold up to 150 different fingerprints. It also has a touchpad that you can store up to 78 different pass code users on. It runs on 4 AA batteries and they last for 15,000 uses - which is pretty substantial. For the $220 price point this doorknob is going for you get a lot for your money.



If your looking for a slightly more affordable lock the Biolock 333 SN-BK is a much better option at $156. While this doorknob only allows you to store 99 fingerprints, most owners will find that that is more than enough. This doorknob also relies on 4 AA batteries to keep itself going, but it doesn’t specify how long they will last. Luckily it has a power indicator that will let you know when power is getting low.

This doorknob doesn’t have a keypad but it does bring in a new feature that the more expensive model above is lacking. The Biolock 333 SN-BK comes with a remote that will allow you to unlock your door from a distance. This feature is useful for opening the door before picking up all the groceries or if you want to let someone else in your home without walking to the door. When visitors ring your doorbell you will just have to hit the unlock button to let them in. All in all this door lock offers most of the features of more expensive versions at a more affordable price.


Fingerprint Door locks are a great investment for any home. They increase your level of security while adding features that make it easier for you to get in your house. These doorknobs install just like a normal doorknob so you won’t have to worry about any extra work. For anyone who wants a better way to access there home fingerprint door locks are for you.