Talking Alarm Clocks - The Top 10 Best Buys

Talking Alarm Clocks - The Top 10 Best Buys
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Talking Alarm Clocks

If you have a disability such as vision impairment, or blindness, the talking alarm clock comes in very useful. Or if the night light in your room is such that seeing an alarm clock becomes difficult in the night, the talking alarm clock is the thing you need. One other advantage of the talking alarm clocks is that if there are kids in your house, the talking alarm clock can teach them time very well, because now the time is being verbally announced each morning or after a nap.

Top 10 Talking Alarm Clocks

Here are top 10 talking alarm clocks to consider:

1. Silver Talking Clock


This clock comes in silver and features a daily alarm as well as three calendar alarms. There are 15 different tones you can set and the alarm type may be either rooster or melody. The clock needs two AA batteries to run but these are not included in the box. Available at

2. Talking Radio Controlled (Atomic) Clock

This talking clock features a crisp female voice, telling the time and it can set itself up to adjust for Daylight Savings time. It has large sized numbers on the LCD (1 inch) and thus it is very convenient to see the time. Available at

3. Robot Kim Talking Alarm Clock

This clock is a fancy shaped one and is a fun item to have


in the house. It is shaped in the form of a robotic face that tells the time when you press its ‘nose’. It has the options of crow or simple beep sounds that can easily be set. The clock requires three AA batteries that are included in the box.

4. Pyramid Talking Clock

This is a simple talking clock that tells you the time when you press the button on its top part. The alarm can be in the form of a crow or a loud beep. It needs four AA batteries that have to be bought separately. Available at

5. Curve Talking Clock

This is shaped in a stylish curve and has a big LCD display than most clocks. You can easily set the alarm, adjust the volume and use

curve talking alarm clock

the conveniently large buttons to ask for the time. Two AA batteries are required for this clock, which are not included in the box.

6. Oval Talking Alarm Clock

This is a nicely designed clock, which is simple and elegant to use. The LCD display has LED backlight feature and you can easily adjust the volume, set alarm as well as set for hourly time announcement. Available at

7. Talking Atomic Clock With Remote Control

This is one of the more modern talking alarm clocks that comes packed with a remote control that works from around 30 feet away from the clock. The remote control option is very handy as you can set the alarm, play the current time and set the clock when you are on your bed and the clock is sitting on the far away table. You will hear to hear not only the time, but the full date along with temperature from

Talking Alarm Clock w remote

the clock. The unit can also run on an AC adapter (besides batteries).

8. Tear Drop Talking Alarm Clock

This is a nicely shaped clock (teardrop shape) and contains a large display of numbers that stand out against a white background. There are three different alarm sounds and other features include volume adjustment, hourly time announcement option versus time announcement whenever you press the button. Available at

9. Talking Atomic Clock with Outdoor Temperature

This is an auto-set alarm clock which ensures you don’t have to reset it when you change its batteries or when Daylight saving applies. The clock not only tells the time and date, but also announces the indoor and outdoor temperature. There is also verbal help when you replace its batteries.

10. Talking Cube Clock

This clock is shaped in a stylish cube and the voice that speaks out is a male voice, carrying a British accent. The voice is sufficiently loud and the setting buttons are covered when they aren’t being used. This cl

talking cube alarm clock

ock needs four AA batteries that are included in the box.

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