Which iRex Digital Reader Should I Buy?

Which iRex Digital Reader Should I Buy?
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iREX Readers

All of the iREX digital readers have a great deal of features that make them a great choice for anyone in need of reading and editing digital documents quite often. They offer high quality paper like displays that enhance battery life as well as make the screens easier on the eyes. With all of the features offered by this company, the real choice is not whether or not to get an iREX reader, but which one to buy.

There are three different styles of readers available from iREX and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing between the DR800 series, the DR1000 series and the Iliad is pretty easy after you understand what each one has to offer.

The DR800 Series

The DR800 iREX digital reader is for all of the casual readers out there. It has a smaller screen than the two others with an 8.1 inch display and it lacks many of the added features. It boasts a very long battery life, easy navigation as well as a support for most text formats out there. It comes with a 2GB micro SD card which makes it possible to store thousands of text documents. This is the most cost effective iREX reader and comes highly recommended for anyone who is an avid e-book reader.

The DR1000 Series


The DR1000 series from iREX is much more suited to users who have to interact with their documents little bit more. It has a larger 10.1 inch screen for easier viewing of documents. It also comes equipped with a Wacom touch screen that makes editing documents and navigating the device a breeze. It has the same paper like display as the other devices and the great battery life that comes with it. You can expect to pay $300 more for this model than you would for the 800 series.

The Iliad


The Iliad is an affordable iREX digital reader that has many uses. It has touch screen capability so editing documents is very easy. It also has other applications that use the touch screen like a drawing program and different puzzles (crossword and Sudoku). However, the Iliad doesn’t come with a huge amount of storage like the two other iREX readers. At the time of receiving the Iliad it will only hold around a dozen books but the memory can be expanded (up to 4GB of space) with a CF or MMC card.


For the budget conscious reader the DR800 series or the Iliad are the way to go. The DR800 is the cheapest of the three options and has the least of the features. If you aren’t worried about WiFi or a touchscreen it would be a great option.

For those who want all of the features the DR800 is lacking the Iliad is the next step up. And if you want the ultimate in luxury, or you just want that larger screen for a better viewing experience the DR1000 series is the only way to go.