Top 3 Important New Gadgets of 2010

Top 3 Important New Gadgets of 2010
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2010 has been a very exciting year in technology. Many new technologies have been implemented and current gadgets have been updated. This article highlights the three most important new gadgets that have been released this year.


3D TVs are a brand new technology that is promising to revolutionize the way that we watch TV. 3D technology has been around for many years, but this new generation is the best yet. It is so good that many events, like the 2010 World Cup, are being filmed in 3D along with the standard filming. Currently, all of the 3D TVs require viewing glasses. However, they are not like the old red and blue glasses that have been around for decades. They provide a more crisp image and look much more stylish. The goal of these new 3D TVs is to enhance the depth of the viewing experience, not to make objects pop out at you like the old glasses would. Many people who were against the older approach to 3D are really enjoying this new technology. It will be very interesting to see where these 3D TVs go. Expect to see prices drop and many more models to be released within the next year.


Kinect Logo

Kinect is an add-on for the Xbox 360 that is aiming to change the way we view and interact with video games. The release date is November 4th. Kinect allows users to play games on the Xbox 360 by using gestures and spoken commands. The Kinect is able to do this by using a device with both a camera and a microphone on it. There are currently 16 titles launching with the Kinect and many more are supporting it. Kinect is so interesting because it is giving gamers the ability to interact with video games in a way that they could not before. The Nintendo Wii pioneered this idea, but it still required a controller and was not completely refined. The Kinect is looking to polish this and make it appealing to both casual and hard core gamers.

Apple iPhone 4

iPhone 4

The iPhone. When the iPhone first came out it completely changed the landscape of the smartphone market. Before the iPhone, smartphones were only used for businessmen who needed to have constant tabs on their email. The iPhone brought smartphones to the average consumer with its apps and easy to use interface. Now, the iPhone 4 has been released. This marks a new era in the smartphone market. With the new iPhone, multitasking has been added, allowing the user to switch instantly between apps. The hardware specs on the iPhone have also been improved significantly. The capacity has gotten larger, the processor faster, the battery life better, the screen crisper, the camera higher resolution, and they have even added a front camera for video conferencing. This iteration of the iPhone is the best yet. Never before has the iPhone been improved so much for the new iteration. The iPhone 4 is such a great piece of technology that it is encouraging the competition to improve also. This makes the iPhone 4 the most important new gadget of 2010.