What is an eBook Reader and Why Should I Get One?

What is an eBook Reader and Why Should I Get One?
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What is an eBook Reader?

An eBook reader is any device that can be used to view eBooks. An eBook reader can range in size from small, like a cell phone, to big like a portable tablet or desktop computer with a large monitor. eBook readers can read several file formats including the most popular eBook format, PDF. Any device that can let you scroll through pages of a book in digital format can be considered to be an eBook reader.

Why Should I Get an eBook Reader?

Due to the fact that a cell phone or a PDA can both be considered eBook readers, an eBook reader owner can technically carry around thousands of reading materials in their pocket. From classic works like “Moby Dick” to educational Internet articles that help you answer the question “What is an eBook reader?”, it can all be accessible anytime, anywhere. These eBooks can be purchased directly or can be downloaded for free from online providers as long as the eBook reader has the capability to access the Internet. eBooks can also be transferred from another storage device like a USB thumb drive, laptop or desktop computers.

An eBook reader doesn’t require a lot of energy, so carrying and reading books anywhere doesn’t affect battery life very much. Aside from conserving energy, users can also conserve money because most stand-alone eBook readers are very affordable. A compact source of unlimited knowledge and entertainment will always be worth a little money.

What are The Features That I Should Look for in an eBook Reader?

Your first concern should be the display. If it hurts your eyes, you should probably pick something else. Anything that does not distract you from the actual text of the book should be a prime candidate. You should also look for the features that let you modify the intensity of the backlight, the text size and the font. A touchscreen is not necessary, but it can be helpful in navigating the pages of eBooks. Finally, make sure it has wireless connection so you will have access to thousands of eBooks online. If you are getting a subscription service, make sure you get the one that can offer the most number of books so you can have more choices. Also, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the available online eBooks you can download for free.

Will eBook Readers Replace the Experience of Reading Books Made of Paper?

It all boils down to user preference, really. eBook readers are compact and can contain an entire library of books, but reading books made of paper still has a different feeling to it. There is a certain feeling that a person experiences while holding a book and that is something that a lot of people are not ready to give up yet. The glare of an electronic device hitting one’s face as they read their eBook is not a desirable effect of using eBook readers, but some people can live with that. It is a long way before all book readings are done using eBook readers instead of the old fashioned way.