USB Heated Gloves: Good Reasons to Get a Pair of USB Heated Gloves (and Where to Buy Them)

USB Heated Gloves: Good Reasons to Get a Pair of USB Heated Gloves (and Where to Buy Them)
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Gloves Heated by the Good Graces of Your USB Port

A pair of USB heated gloves for a warm, fuzzy connection between you and the USB port of your computer is a fantastic idea to many people. Plenty of folks complain of constantly cold hands no matter where they are and there are plenty of medical reasons why that might indeed be the case. So whether it’s bad circulation or a cold imagination, there is a viable solution involving these gloves, which come with a USB cord and your computer with its many USB ports. Forget that you could probably find a pair that could just as easily plug into any conventional wall outlet, that’s not cool anymore, don’t be left behind in the last millennium. Seriously though, USB gizmos and gadgets are really innovative, and there could certainly be situations where you don’t have access to a conventional outlet.

First of all, if you want to know a little more about what a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port is, and what the many uses are for this remarkable interface between a computer and a peripheral device of some sort, read Computer Components: The USB Port. The number of accessories you can plug into a USB port is always growing and that can make life much more convenient for you in so many ways. Printers, iPods, and digital cameras are just a few of the items you can plug in via a cord to your USB port. Once plugged in, the two machines instantly know all there is to know about each other. Then they are able to amicably communicate in order to perform all sorts of operations and you don’t have to know a thing about how they do that.

More about these USB Gloves and Where to Buy a Pair

USB Heated Gloves

These gloves have openings for your fingers, so you can still operate a keyboard or anything else with your digits. Each wool glove has its own cord so you’ll need two ports. They will work on a Mac, PC, Xbox 360, or PlayStation. The heated gloves have two different heat levels and warm up pretty quick. If you work in an air conditioned office that’s too cold for you, or virtually any other cold environment where you have access to a USB port, your hands never have to suffer the cold again. They may even help with carpal tunnel syndrome and poor circulation.

Last time I checked, they were selling them for a little over $20. That’s not a bad price for gloves, considering you could easily shell out five times that for a decent pair to use outside that are only heated by your own residual body heat. also has a pair for $22 and they have all sorts of other USB accessories that you might find useful or intriguing as well.

There are so many devices that are operated and managed from a USB port that you may run out of ports on your computer. If that is the case, read this article about the best USB port splitters for desktop and laptop computers to increase the amount of hub capability you can have. If you’ve got perpetually cold hands are work in a semi-outside shop, or any reason you might have, give them a try because they’re easy and convenient. You might suffer from a bit of ridicule, but that’s a small price to pay for warm, cozy hands.