An Image Gallery of Cool Spy Gadgets

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Original Sphere Pen Camera

The key to good surveillance is using an object that no one is going to notice. There are few objects that are less likely to be noticed than a pen. This spy pen can easily fit in a pocket or on a desk to capture both audio and video. It can also be used as a memory stick to carry those important covert files.

Spy Optic Logan Sunglasses

Being able to get recordings is great, but taking videos without being able to aim the camera means that you’re going to get a lot of useless video. Spy sunglasses aren’t the most subtle of spy gadgets, but if you want video of something specific without anyone knowing you are taking it, there is no better way.

GTMax USB Lighter Video Recording Camera

While a pen can be hidden in offices, it isn’t always going to be the easiest thing to hide on the outside. Another object that is going to blend into almost any situation is a lighter. With the ability to record both video and audio you can look good doing it.

Yukon Tracker Goggle

The key to all covert action is stealth and one of the most powerful tools for stealth is night vision goggles. These can give a huge advantage for any night operation. So whether you are sneaking onto an enemy military base or taking a nighttime nature walk, these goggles are very useful tools.

Watch Camera with 720p HD Video Recording Capability

A good watch is important for any spy. Coordinating your actions with those of the others on your team is vital. Adding yet another camera to the arsenal is also useful. An added bonus is that a watch is a device that you will almost certainly have with you all the time.

Mini Button Camera

The last of the cameras is the device that is most completely hidden. The button camera isn’t as flashy as any of the other cameras, but it has the potential to be very useful because it isn’t flashy. This device is small and will easily fit under most button shirts.

Bionic Ear Booster

Recording devices have a lot of value, but they require getting close to your subject - which isn’t always easy. If you want to be able to hear at a distance, then the bionic ear booster amplifier has a lot of value for both listening and recording sound when you can’t get up close and personal.

AA Battery Money and Rx Stash

As important as it is to find things, it is important to also hide things. This may not work as a battery, but it can be hidden as one. Hiding your things not in a battery gives you the option of hiding them in plain sight, so you can almost completely ensure that no one will ever find them.

Micro SD Card Covert Coin

Being able to hide messages is vital to any spy. Spy coins are not a new idea - having been used commonly in the cold war - but unlike those these can carry quite a lot of information. The best part of these coins is that no one will ever question you having a few coins in your pocket making it a nearly perfect place to hide information.

Metal Detector

This may not be the slickest or coolest looking of the spy gadgets, but it is one of the most fun. With a good metal detector, you can find anything from coins and treasure, to landmines and anything else with even a hint of metal. With the loot you discover, this spy gadget will pay for itself in no time!

Universal Law Enforcement Reverse Peephole Viewer

The most dangerous moment for any spy is when they are entering a room. This peephole reverser allows you to check for dangers in a room before entering it. Most useful for law enforcement agents who are forced to enter dangerous situations, this device is worthwhile for anyone who is worried about what might be on the other side of a door.

Portable Wireless RF Radio Frequency Detector

With so many great wireless recording devices, it is important to be able to find them. The Wireless RF Radio Frequency Detector makes it easy for you to check for any type of surveillance device. The added flashlight means you have the ability to look into cracks and crevices where a device may be hidden.

Hidden Clock Safe

Keeping things secret is the biggest part of being a spy. This clock, which doubles as a hidden safe, is a great way to keep the rest of your spy gear out of sight. It is also a good way to keep your valuables safe.

Lockpick Set

While high-tech gadgets can be a lot of fun, there is nothing quite as useful as the classics. Lockpicks might take a bit more skill than many of the other gadgets, but they are also far more useful, since getting into places may prove to be more difficult than actually using the devices.