The Best E-reader Light

The Best E-reader Light
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M-Edge e-Luminator Kindle Booklight

The M-Edge e-Luminator offers a cool touch-activated power setting. This is an innovative feature for an e-reader light. However, some critics suggest this feature can become a little annoying after a while. The touch feature allows the reader to control the brightness of the powerful LED light. The power settings of the light vary from low to medium to high. This is an ideal feature for setting the light to an individual preference. The powerful bright LED bulb offers more than enough light for any e-reader screen. This is perfect for reading in dim lighting or in the dark. The arm on the light has an attachment that can be used like a paper clip. This attachment allows the M-Edge to attach easily to an e-reader or even a hard copy book or magazine. The e-Luminator operates on a single AAA battery that is not included. This light can last for up to 20 hours while traveling on long flights or train rides.

The M-Edge’s touch-activated feature also incorporates a sleep timer. The timer is convenient for bed time reading. The timer will turn off the light after 60 minutes of inactivity. This feature allows for using the maximum battery life. The M-Edge e-Luminator is an affordable e-reader light that is simple to use.

  • The neck of the light is flexible and adjustable, this allows for desired positioning
  • Fully functional touch-activated power setting and sleep timer
  • The lens disperses light evenly over the e-reader screen
  • The arm sewn into the jacket allows for easy access as well as storage

The M-Edge e-Luminator Kindle Booklight is available on for $19.99

Belkin Clip-on Reading Light

The Belkin Clip-On light provides a powerful glare free light. This is a compact device that is perfect for any e-reader. The light includes several distinct brightness levels and has a thin and sleek design. The attractive design and simple use make the light a must have for any e-reader. The only disadvantage is that the light can be too bright for some readers. The Belkin light has a flexible arm that offers maximum positioning. There is also a wide clip attached to the bottom of the light that allows the light to be easily adjusted. This is ideal for an e-reader because the light does not compromise the view of the screen. The Belkin light is more expensive than some e-reader lights; however, this is a high-quality device that provides an ample amount of light.

  • Perfect for the Kindle with a stylish design
  • Three bright LED lights and Two brightness control settings
  • Slim design for easy use and storage

The Belkin Clip-On Reading Light is available on for $24.99

belkin light

OCTOVO Solis E-reader Light

The OCTOVO Solis light has a specific design that complements the dimensions of the current 6” Kindle. This e-reader light is made from a single piece of brushed aluminum. The OCTOVO is visually appealing with a smooth and shiny body. The base of the OCTOVO is rigid and this is purposely designed to sit securely on the top of a Kindle device. The only disadvantage of this sleek device is it may make the Kindle top-heavy. The arm on the Solis moves back and forth over the page and is easy to turn on and off. The light is designed to offer the maximum amount of light without producing a glare on the screen. OCTOVO only uses one LED light and provides an effective and discreet amount of light that does not inconvenience others.

  • Prevents glare with a 15 degree mount
  • Powerful, lightweight and strong
  • Average up to 25 hours of light
  • Operates on one AA battery that is included

The OCTOVO Solis E-reader light is available on for $29.99


Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light

The affordable Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light uses a strong lens to evenly spread the light. The Mighty Bright operates on AAA batteries and uses a clamp to attach to e-readers. There are two powerful LED lights that offer the same amount of lighting as 6 normal LED lights. This makes reading in the dark effortless. The XtraFlex2 gives the reader the option to use one or both of the LED lights. This adds a convenience to the light that many other e-readers lack. This feature is controlled by tapping a sensor switch on the body of the light. Mighty Bright incorporates a flexible neck that allows the reader to place the light in any desired position.

  • The optical lens is a LumaLenz optical lens which evenly disperses light
  • The Mighty Bright incorporates a wide mouth that can clip on anything
  • A fully flexible arm that has a variety of positions

mighty bright

The Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light is available on for $14.99

Fulcrum Multi-Flex LED Task Light - Silver

The Fulcrum Multi-Flex Reading Light offers a hands-free light that gives off glare-free light. The clamp is durable and the neck is fully adjustable. The light is perfect for use on the go as well as use at home. This device is lightweight and convenient to carry in a purse or backpack. The Fulcrum is far less expensive than other e-reader lights. In spite of its low cost, however, it is a quality device that is ideal for gripping e-readers, hard copy books and even laptops. The Multi-Flex uses a bright LED light bulb never burns out. This reduces costs associated with replacing the bulb. The Fulcrum operates on three AAA batteries that are not included. The Multi-Flex is perfect for books, e-readers and magazines. The light also includes a dual clip that lets the light stand alone on a desk or table.

  • The Fulcrum Multi-Flex light is simple and easy to use
  • The bright LED light provides a glare-free, bright light for reading in the dark
  • Flexible neck allows for ideal positioning

The Fulcrum Multi-Flex LED Task Light is available on for $8.49