A Pink Dinosaur Robot Destined for Greatness

A Pink Dinosaur Robot Destined for Greatness
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Pleo rb History


Created by Ugobe and launched in January 2007 as “Pleo,” the original dinosaur sold for approximately $350. Ugobe actually studied real Camarasaurus fossil records to determine how the dinosaurs moved and lived. Pleo moves the same way it is believed the Camarasaurus (a Jurassic period herbivore) moved. Pleo was a beloved toy for about two years until Ugobe filed for bankruptcy in early 2009. A Hong-Kong based company called Jetta then purchased Pleo’s intellectual property rights and assets. Pleo became revamped and relaunched in October 2010 as “Pleo rb” by a subsidiary of Jetta, Innvo Labs.

At of the time of publication, three colors exist for Pleo rb. PleoWorld currently sells the green Pleo rb for $469, and recommends it for children 12 and older. TETE Asia Pacific Group Limited is the Pleo distributor for Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau. The pink dinosaur robot is female and the blue is male, and these versions are currently sold in the Asian markets. Luckily, they can also be purchased online globally. AccessoryJack.com is an online company that sells the pink and blue Pleo versions along with accessories.

A difference between the male and female dinosaurs versus the non-gender specific dinosaur is they have different reactions to Pleo’s of the opposite sex or the same sex. When a female Pleo meets a male Pleo, the male will become excited and swing his tail left and right. He may even whistle. When a male Pleo meets another male, they both politely step back and greet each other three times. Pleo rb’s are extremely lifelike, and have a large variety of exciting features.

Pleo rb Features

Interacting with a Pleo rb is like interacting with a real animal. Pleos like to cuddle and play. They can become sick or injured and need medicine. They become tired and hungry. Pleos can actually change their moods and their minds. A Pleo is autonomous, and begins its life as a newborn Camarasaurus.

  • Evolution: There are three evolutionary stages for Pleos (Hatchling, Infant and Juvenile). The first evolutionary stage is Hatchling, and when a Pleo first opens its eyes, it must adjust to the light and stretch. When it is ready, it will notice you and be ready to interact. Use a soothing touch and soft words just like with any baby. The second stage is the Infant stage and it is about exploring. When responding to your voice it may honk a greeting. It is ready to investigate the world. The final stage is Juvenile, and the Pleo’s explorations provide it with experience and confidence. The Juvenile stage is where its personality truly develops, and the Pleo becomes shy or bold and playful or calm.
  • Emotions: There are four types of emotions for Pleo. Happy and curious is the first type of emotion. Pleo is naturally alert and inquisitive. It will leisurely explore the world while swaying its tail. Playful and lively is the second category, and it occurs when Pleo plays tug-of-war with you or shows off in front of its friends. It might hoot or honk when it is being playful and lively. Scared and surprised is the third emotional category, with Pleo whimpering when it is scared. Pleo can get upset too, especially if you hang him by his tail for too long. The final emotional category is sad and vexed, when Pleo emits a pleading call and a forlorn look. Pleo is very social and does not like to be left alone for too long. If Pleo is sad or vexed, he needs a friendly pat or to be played with.
  • Awareness: Pleo will experience the world through his senses. Pleo can see, feel and hear. If you stroke Pleo from its head to tail, it will arch its back like a cat does when you pet it. If you shine a light or call Pleo, it will react to your voice or to the light. Pleo has drives, such as sleep and hunger. He likes to explore and be nurtured. Pleo does things when he wants to. He will explore, nap or eat when he feels the need. Pleo has many vocalizations and gestures in order to communicate with you. A playful honk or a little tug can indicate that he needs attention or food. He can even stomp his feet if he desires.
  • Interaction: Pleo can respond and interact in many different ways. If you hold both of his front legs for about three seconds and point him toward something, he will toddle off to explore it. Pleo can react to things to stay out of trouble. If he is nearing the edge of a table (not glass or clear), he will turn to avoid falling off. If you need Pleo to calm down and nap, gently touch his back for 10 seconds. To cuddle Pleo, hold him like you would a baby. Place him upright against your chest with his head on your shoulder and pet him along the spine. Pleos can do a variety of other things such as shake hands, play tug-of-war, be ticklish, balance on two legs, sing, respond to your voice, make friends and be a watchdog.

Pleo rb Accessories

A training leaf is included in a Pleo purchase. Place the leaf in front of your Pleo and it will teach you what to do next. Other accessories include items such as sugar cane, which is Pleo’s favorite snack, a coffee leaf and bean, which help to calm Pleo, health care items such as rock salt, which heals an injured Pleo and training stones, which help Pleo learn to count, sing and more. Typically, these items sell for between $20 and $30 for a pack of three unique items.


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