Did Your Sony Reader Pocket Crash? Tips on How to Fix It

Did Your Sony Reader Pocket Crash? Tips on How to Fix It
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Every computer crashes occasionally. It doesn’t matter how well built or how simple the software. Whether those crashes are because of a mistake in software or the simple corruption of software over time they will happen. The Sony Reader Pocket is no exception to this and when you have a frozen device, a program that won’t start or some other frustration there are simple things which can fix those frustration or at least help you understand why it is happening so that you can avoid the problems.


Perhaps the most common reason that the Sony Reader Pocket will freeze is simply that the battery is low. This means that the first thing to do if the device is frozen is to attach it to a USB port on your computer for at least 20 minutes. If the battery is too low the Sony Reader will sometimes not be recognized by the computer so after 20 minutes of charging disconnect it, turn it on and if it starts you will then want to reconnect it to the USB port and let it fully charge.

Another possibility is a soft restart. This should be safe to do at any time so if you’re having issues with Sony Reader Pocket crashes then you should try this. The location of the reset button will be different based on the generation of devices, but it should be either on the bottom or back of the device. If you can’t find it here you may need to remove the soft cover. Once you have found it you will need something to slide into the hole. A paper clip is generally easiest. Once you have pushed the button you will then only need to slide the power button to reset it. In many cases this will be all that you need to do. If you are not certain if it is starting then check the indicator light. If it is yellow the device is attempting to start and you should wait a few minutes.

If this doesn’t start then you may want to connect it to a power source and reset it again. If there are battery issues then having it connected to power may help this.


If you are having a lot of problems with your Pocket Sony Reader the first thing you may want to try is a hard reset. This is not easy to do, but if turning the power on and off doesn’t solve your problem this may. First slide the power to the off position. Now find a paper clip. On the bottom of the device you will find a small hole. This is the reset button. Straighten out the paperclip and you can push that button. Now you will be able to turn the device back on, but you’re not done. As it starts you will see it say opening book. While this is happening you will want to hold the down arrow and the 0 button until the screen says reset all. Now press 5 and you should get a hard reset. This will erase everything on the Sony Reader and so you’ll want to do it only if you’re having a lot of trouble.


For the most common Sony Reader Pocket crashes the best solution is to ensure that you have updated the firmware. To do this, go to the esupport.sony.com website and find the Drivers & Software page. You will need to enter the device and model of the device and finally select your operating system. Once downloaded you will need to attach the device and then run the software. Likely easier is to do this from the device itself. To do this find the help menu and once you have chosen that device you’ll need to choose check for updates. Of course if your device is having too many crashes the second option may not be easy to do.


One of the most common reasons that the Sony Reader will crash is books that are not formatted correctly. This is generally caused by books which have been converted from other types. This should only happen if you try to open the book. In these cases the first step is going to be to delete the book from the device and reload it. Moving files can cause them to become corrupt even if they are in a good format. If this didn’t work you may want to try to convert the same book into one of the other formats which the Sony Reader Pocket can read. The ePub format being an open format is generally going to be the easiest to convert into and that may keep a book from crashing the device.