Monitor Any Part of Your Home with Hidden Cameras

Monitor Any Part of Your Home with Hidden Cameras
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External Security

Sometimes the hardest place to hide a security camera is where you want it most, watching the outside of your home. You don’t want an obvious camera to be seen ensuring that your car is secure, or even if you’re just trying to catch your neighbor’s dog messing up your flowerbed. That’s where the first hidden security camera comes into play.

The CSVS1 Light Bulb Camera and Decoder might look like a regular floodlight, but in fact it’s a digital camera with power line communication.

Given that the electronics inside are heat sensitive, it doesn’t produce light. However, to compensate for this, it uses infrared-enhanced night vision enabling you to still see in low light conditions. No one will ever know that you’re installing hidden cameras either. The power line communication technology inside of the light transmits the camera signal through your power lines already connected to the light fixture. Connect the decoder to any RCA enabled device inside your home - like your TV, VCR or computer - and you can continually watch what’s being recorded.

Calculate Your Success

Hidden Camera Calculator

Although not a hidden camera that you can leave on all the time, the CL640 Covert Calculator Camera with DVR makes up for it by being one of the more devious hidden cameras out there. This little gadget is a fully functional solar powered calculator that can perform all the functions of a normal calculator so no one would ever suspect it having an ulterior motive. Hidden inside, however, is a recorder that can take 640 x 480 images at 30 fps for up to 2 hours on a single charge. Simply hook it up to your computer with a USB cable when you’re done to download everything off of the device and this hidden spy camera is set for next time.

Surveillance Never Looked So Cute

Hidden Camera Plush Toy

Your computer can be a powerful security device considering how much information you can store on there. However, you don’t want to let someone know that you’re using your computer to record them. That’s where the Plush Dog USB Webcam comes in. Like a regular webcam you just plug it into one of your USB ports and your computer will automatically detect it. Whether you set it up to record, or use it as a cute way to Skype with your friends, this little camera can record for as long as your computer will allow.

Innocent Looking Anywhere You Put It

Hidden Camera Tissue Box

One of the keys to keeping your hidden cameras secret is the ability to blend into the background no matter where you put them. One example which can be put anywhere is the Tissue Box Nanny Cam. Self-contained and without wires or pin holes to give any indication that it’s doing anything out of the ordinary, this hidden security camera can be put anywhere. It comes with a 4GB SD Card, but the camera can take up to a 36GB SD Card, enabling you to record for up to 64 hours. That’s perfect if you wanted to keep an eye on a specific location for a weekend.

Inspired by the Movies

Hidden Camera Plant

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of movies where someone slips a “bug” into a potted plant in order to spy on someone else. Well, now you can do the same thing - except the potted plant is the camera. The Digital Wireless Plant Camera comes in two varieties, one with an RCA output, and the other with a USB receiver that plugs directly into your computer. The USB one might be a little easier to setup for most people, but be aware that it’s not officially supported for Windows 7.

Now Time is Watching You Fly By

Hidden Camera Wall Clock

One of the most varied types of hidden cameras out there is the clock. Whether it hangs on the wall, transmits a signal, or simply records it internally, one of these clocks can do the job for you.

If you like your clock camera to be on the wall, the SecurityMan ClockCam is the one for you. Working on the 900MHz frequency it transmits easier through walls to its RCA receiver which is able to work with up to two cameras at the same time.

Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

If an alarm clock is more your thing you have a few different choices. If you don’t intend to take any pictures in a dark area a solid choice is the SONY Alarm Clock Hidden Camera. This has a few great features like scheduled recording and motion activation. Point this at your front door and you’d be able to track the times of everyone entering and leaving your home. If you’re looking for something that will work at night, you could also use the True Nightvision Hidden Camera Alarm Clock which is very similar in function except for the automatic change to monochromatic night vision which makes it a little more expensive.

Hidden Camera Alarm Clock 3

One of the neatest hidden cameras that appear as a clock is the Logitech WiLife Spy Camera. Able to work with up to 6 cameras in total, you can mix and match indoor, external, and hidden security cameras to cover all parts of your home. These all work with power line communication so there isn’t any wireless communication involved as it’s streamed to your computer. You can even stream the images onto the Internet to watch all the parts of your home while you’re at work.


With all the different types of cameras available its relatively easy to find something that will fit your needs now that you know what’s available. To make the process easier, all of the products on this page can be found at

CSVS1 Light Bulb Camera and Decoder

CL640 Covert Calculator Camera with DVR

Plush Dog USB Webcam

Tissue Box Nanny Cam

Digital Wireless Plant Camera

SecurityMan ClockCam

SONY Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

True Nightvision Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Logitech WiLife Spy Camera