The Best Electronic Fishing Gadgets

The Best Electronic Fishing Gadgets
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Fishing can be a relaxing pastime, but it can also be quite boring, especially when the fish aren’t biting. Finding the right fishing spot to cast your reel can be a challenging task. Calm lakes may have several areas where fish concentrate, but if you setup on a barren stretch of water, it will be a long time before you catch anything. On your next fishing trip, consider using a few gadgets to find and catch fish. Not only do these electronic gadgets help locate the right place to fish, they also help to lure fish towards your boat. Your chances of catching fish should improve when these devices are used.

Minn Kota’s i-Pilot

The i-Pilot is a remote controlled steering gadget designed for trolling motors. It is ideal for anchoring the boat over a precise location. It utilizes GPS location information to guide the boat. The i-Pilot can trace a route over water that is two miles in length and up to three different tracks can be stored in memory. Designate an anchor location with the spot lock feature. It will keep the boat within a five-foot radius of a specific spot. If the boat starts to drift, the trolling motor will automatically activate to keep the boat in the right spot. Another great feature is cruise control, which maintains a constant boat speed. This is ideal for introducing bait into the fishing area.

Price: $365.15

Allure-Light LED Fishing Lure

Allure-Light LED Fishing Lure

A great way to attract fish is to use bait. The Allure-Light LED fishing lure emits a green light that attracts fish. It can be submerged in water to a depth of 200 feet, and the battery powers the LED light for 48 hours. It runs on three LR41 button batteries, which are included in the package. This lure is designed to attract small baitfish like shad and minnows. As these small fish populate the water illuminated by the bright green LED lure, larger fish will prey on them. To activate the light, turn the top clockwise. To deactivate the light, turn the top counterclockwise. Attack a hook to the top and cast it into the water.

Price: $7.99

SmartCast RF35 Fishfinder Watch

SmartCast RF35 Wrist Mount Fishfinder

The SmartCast RF35 Fishfinder Watch is one of the fishing gadgets that help locate schools of fish in the water. It uses a sonar buoy to send out signals into the water. As these signals hit a fish, the information is relayed to the watch. The display shows where the fish are and it displays the underwater structures. Anything within 100 feet of the buoy will be detected, but the buoy must be within 75 feet of the watch. In addition, the watch displays the water temperature and the depth of the water. This is the perfect gadget for finding the right spot for fishing. Guide the boat slowly towards schools of fish for the best fishing opportunity.

Price: $97.04

40KG Digital Fish Scale

Fish Scale

A digital fish scale is a handy accessory to have on the fishing boat. It accurately weighs the fish you have caught. This scale has a capacity of 40 kilograms, or 88 pounds. It has two measure modes. The automatic lock mode displays the weight of the fish without the fluctuations associated with a spring scale. If the automatic lock mode is disabled, the displayed weight will fluctuate with the motion of the fish on the spring. A tare function lets you add a basket to the hook to hold the fish in without affecting the measurement. In addition, the scale will turn off automatically when not in use. This will save the battery.

Price: $12.99

Garmin Fishfinder 160C

Garmin Fishfinder

Another fish finder that locates fish is Garmin’s Fishfinder 160C. The large color display features a sunlight friendly surface that is easily viewable under bright skies. Fish signals and structural information are clearly visible on the screen. A unique feature of this fish finder is that it distinguishes hard surfaces from soft surfaces. It can also penetrate through different water layers to find fish. On screen, both strong and weak signals are displayed. The main component of the 160C is the dual beam transducer, which offers wide viewing angles and shallow water clarity. The display is constantly refreshed with the latest sonar scans. You can set alarm notifications when it detects fish of a certain size or when you enter shallow water.

Price: $149.88

For more options, consider using a GPS fishing device.

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