How Do I get Nook Books to Sony Reader Format? Moving eBooks Between e-Readers

How Do I get Nook Books to Sony Reader Format? Moving eBooks Between e-Readers
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Moving eBooks

Moving books between eBook readers is more difficult than it needs to be in many cases. The difficulty is that no device maker really wants you to switch devices and so do not make it easy. Still, even though it can be more difficult than it needs to be it can almost always be done and the question ‘How do I get Nook books to Sony Reader format?’ is one that has three steps:

  1. Moving the books off of the Nook
  2. Converting formats if necessary
  3. Loading the book onto the Sony Reader

Moving Nook Books to the PC

There are a few ways to move eBooks off the Nook but some are easier than others. If you bought the eBooks from the Nook program on your computer then the book should already be on the computer. If you only have it on the Nook then you have two choices. Open the Nook in the drives section of your computer and from there drag and drop the book files anywhere you want. The other choice is to use a program to move the eBooks. The Nook for PC Software should allow you to copy the book so you can read it on your computer. Another good choice is Calibre which, for someone changing to the Sony Reader is likely going to be most useful because it will help convert the eBooks and work with both devices.

Converting eBooks and Removing DRM

Many Nook books have DRM and this will limit the ability to use those books on other devices. Before you remove that DRM you should be aware that breaking DRM may not be legal. If you decide that you are interested in doing so anyway eBook converter is recommended by others, and many other programs are available.

If those books are ePub the good news is that if they do not have DRM then they can be read on both devices and do not need to be converted. If they are not ePub you will need an eBook converter. Calibre is able to do this and so if you’ve already used the program to remove the books from the Nook all you’ll need to do is right click and choose convert individually. ePub will likely be the format you will want to choose to convert into. The Sony Reader can also use TXT, RTF and PDF(though PDF’s can be difficult to read).

Moving eBooks from PC onto the Sony Reader

Once the books are on the PC and ready to go onto the Sony Reader there are a couple of choices. The Sony Reader has its own software which should find any eBooks on your PC and move them onto the Sony Reader easily. If you have used Calibre to convert the book, then you will already have those books in the library. If this is the case you should be able to simply plug in the Sony Reader with a USB cord and once Calibre sees it choose the books and upload to device.

The final choice is to open the Sony Reader in the drives section of your computer. If using windows you can go to computer on the popup menu and look for the Sony Reader in that window. Open the drive with the name of the Sony reader and search the folders which the other books are in then drag and drop it onto the device and it should work.