How to: Replace Sony Reader Battery

How to: Replace Sony Reader Battery
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Sony may have come late to the handheld eBook reader market but they still have been around for several years and you may be wondering how to replace Sony reader battery. Sony has continued to improve their offerings and supply updates to older models, but when it comes to your battery they haven’t offered much help.

You may be finding that your battery is no longer holding a charge like it used to. If this is the case with you and you need to know how to replace Sony reader battery, a look at your Sony reader instructions handbook will tell you to send your reader to Sony for a replacement. This means being without your reader for probably a good three weeks.

Tools Required

No need to send your reader off to the manufacturer. There are aftermarket batteries available for your Sony reader. A search of the Internet with your Sony reader model number will provide you with numerous options. Get the one that is right for your handheld eBook reader and then follow our Sony reader instructions on how to replace Sony reader battery. Each Sony reader is a little different, so you’ll need to adjust for variations. Just be very careful, work slowly and don’t drop any screws. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Rubber mat or similar static-free pad to stand on
  • A clean, flat working area
  • Various sized Phillips screwdrivers
  • A thin kitchen or pocket knife
  • New replacement battery for your Sony eBook reader

Step 1: Switch off the Reader

Make sure the unit is turned off. Turn it upside down and remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 2: Remove SD Card Cover

Take the bumper off the right side by using the kitchen knife at the joint. Gently pry and don’t force it or you’ll break the tabs. Now, remove the SD card cover. Take out the Phillips screws and remove the left-side bumper by prying gently.

Step 3: Remove the Complete Cover of the Reader

From the exposed area of the reader, take out the next four screws. Remove two more screws from the bottom, near the location of the charging port. Turn the reader right-side up and gradually pry the cover apart. Work from the bottom up. When it is disconnected, completely remove it by sliding it from the hinge on the top of the unit.

Step 4: Remove Battery

Find the battery, unplug and remove it by unscrewing the two battery housing screws. Remember to dispose of the old battery in proper fashion.

Step 5: Add New Battery

Put the new battery into position and replace the two battery-housing screws. Plug in the new battery. Replace the unit cover by sliding it onto the hinge at the top.

Step 6: Check the Reader

Put all the screws back into their original position. Position the side bumpers and gently press them back into place. Now, turn on your reader. Once you have verified that it is working, charge the replacement battery for the full time frame recommended by the manufacturer.

It really isn’t very complicated, but it is somewhat intimidating to open up your electronic equipment. For more help, you’ll find pictures here for disassembling a PRS-505. To replace Sony reader battery is fairly easy, just follow the instructions and you’ll do great.