How to Transfer Sony Reader Books to a Kindle

How to Transfer Sony Reader Books to a Kindle
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There are effectively three steps to moving a book from the Sony Reader to a Kindle device as well as one major obstacle which may get in your way. Those three steps are simply moving the book off of the Sony Reader, converting them into a format that the Kindle can read and finally putting them on the Kindle. None of these are difficult, but unfortunately there is also the issue of DRM which can be found on some of the books from the Sony Reader store which will make converting them into a format the Kindle can run impossible.

Copying eBooks From the Sony Reader

Moving books from the Sony Reader is not difficult. The most basic way to do this is to attach the Sony Reader to your computer with the USB cord. Once you have done this you should then go to your drives. You will find this under computers in windows. Once you have found the Sony Reader you’ll want to navigate through the folders and find the files for the book you want.

Another, easier way is to load Calibre. The advantage of this program is that it can also convert the book. If you have this program on you will simply connect the device and start the program. You will see a list of books. Those books with green checks on them are those on your computer. In order to move books onto the computer simply choose add to my library.

Converting eBooks to Kindle Format

calibre convert

There are a lot off programs which can convert books from the Sony Reader formats into a format that the Kindle can read. If you used Calibre to copy the books off of the Sony Reader then that will be the best. The easiest format to change them into is Mobi, but the Kindle can also read PRC, Txt, TPZ and AZW. Newer Kindles can also read PDF’s.

In order to convert these in Calibre you simply need to choose the file then right click and choose convert individually. You will then be able to choose the format you want to convert into, choose one of the formats that will work on the Kindle.

If the file has DRM then you will be unable to convert it. In this case the best you will be able to do is to use the Sony Reader software to read it on your computer or on the iPhone, iPad or other devices that have Sony Reader software.

Putting Books Onto the Kindle

Once you have books converted it is very easy to put them onto the Kindle. You will want to unplug the Sony Reader and plug in the Kindle. If you are using Calibre this should show up on that and you will only need to choose the books and choose to transfer them to the Kindle.

If you used some other converting software then you will need to know where the file was saved. Open that folder. You will then want to connect the Kindle by USB and go to the computer section and find the Kindle in it. You then simply need to open the documents folder on the kindle and put the books into that area.