Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader: E-book Comparison and Contrast

Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader: E-book Comparison and Contrast
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For people who love reading e-books for the convenience and the amount of material available to them, the number of choices for a good e-book reader is constantly increasing and it is getting harder and harder to pick the best one to suit their needs and wants. However, there are still the constant fan-favorite products that always stand taller than the rest. Two of these popular readers are the Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader. In this Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader comparison, we will see what makes them similar and what makes them different from each other. Let us start with how they look.


By being the most popular e-book reader in the market, the Kindle upped the ante with the Kindle 2, a sleeker and slimmer version of the original, and it has a better profile to boot. Its keyboard is also much improved from the original device, making it easier to flip through the pages. The Sony Reader may not have the efficient keyboard that the Kindle 2 has, but it does have a slightly smaller body that it dedicates mostly to its 6-inch screen. That is the same size as that of the Kindle 2, so in terms of design, the two readers are quite similar.


Both e-book readers work with the use an e-ink black and white display screen that keeps their power consumption low and efficient. However, even though they both use the same technology for their display screen, the Kindle 2’s screen and provides a more accurate, crisp and fast rendering capability than that of the Sony Reader’s screen. Overall, however, they offer the same efficient and comfortable reading experience in well lit conditions, which means, of course, that they are both poor reading devices if you do not have a good source of light when reading.


Sony Reader

In terms of connectivity, the Kindle 2 trumps the Sony Reader in a major way since the latter does not have wireless connectivity. It requires a USB connection to perform file transfers so if you want to put new e-books in your Sony Reader, you have to have a computer nearby to do so. The Kindle 2 does not have wi-fi connectivity, but it does have the capability to use mobile networks for its data usage, hence its capability to download new e-books whenever and wherever there is mobile network coverage.

Storage and Content

Amazon, the best place to get Kindle 2 contents, has a wide variety of e-books for download. There is enough in there to provide users with a wide choice for reading material. The Sony Reader has a sizable selection as well, but it does not compare to Amazon’s library even if it can support open e-book formats such as those found in e-books from Google. In terms of storage, the Kindle 2 also trumps the Sony Reader with the former having an internal 2 GB memory while the latter only has 256MB internal memory, but it can be extended to 16 GB via Memory Stick Duo cards.


In the Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader comparison, the former trumps the latter in most categories. However, for people who simply want a good reading experience without the bells and whistles offered by the Kindle 2, Sony Reader is a great choice.



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