Audio Spy Equipment: Buying Guide & Recommendations

Audio Spy Equipment: Buying Guide & Recommendations
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When buying audio spy equipment, make sure that you are looking at spy gadgets that are of quality and discreet. It wouldn’t be called “spy equipment” if it is not discreet. Making sure that it does what it says it does like providing cover for your voice or recording conversations secretly. If these capabilities are not as advertised, you can get into serious trouble. These equipment are not toys, so they must be taken seriously at all times.


This bug lets you monitor phone calls made or received by a particular telephone that you have attached this bug to. All you need to do is jack it into your target telephone line and program your desired number that will be contacted once a call is made or received by the bugged telephone. This means wether your tracking phone is a telephone miles away or your personal mobile phone, you will be contacted once a call is detected. You can listen in on both sides of the conversation with crystal clarity. This highly efficient telephone bug with no distance boundaries can be purchased for $1,580.

Phone Voice Sound Recorder

Phone - Voice - Sound Recorder 133 Hour

This audio recorder plugs into any telephone line, giving you access to conversations by recording and storing them in the built-in flash memory. The generated audio files are WMA files which you can transfer to a computer via USB connection. You can set it to alert you when I can is made or received by the telephone you are monitoring. You can listen in real time or you can let it record for your listening at a later time. You can just leave it plugged in without worrying about the battery running out because it is designed to turn off when no sound is detected in the phone line you are monitoring. You can set the sensitivity of the sound detector so no mere noise will activate it. You can get it for $169.99.

Bionic Ear and Booster

Bionic Ear & Booster Set

This gadget amplifies sound to an extent that even the faintest sounds can be heard by your mortal ears like they are being heard by superhuman ears. This is because of its ability to amplify sounds up to 40 decibels with high quality sound reproduction. All you need to do is point it in the direction you want to hear sounds from and it will bring you the sounds in crystal clear quality, eliminating background noises along the way. You can buy it for $179.95.

Professional Voice Changer

Professional Voice Changer

Changing your voice can be used when you don’t want your identity revealed when calling someone for security purposes is a great way to protect yourself. It can also be a way for you to have fun with your friends. You can do this with devices like this. What the device does is it changes the pitch of your voice, making you sound like a totally different person of any gender you choose. There are 14 levels that you can use, ranging from low pitch to high pitch voices. All you need to do is attach the padded speaker to your phone’s mouthpiece and speak into the microphone and you will have a new voice. You can get this for $199.95.

Audio Jammer

Audio Jammer

This audio spy equipment generates a masking sound that varies in amplitude and frequency. This random nature of the masking sound makes it hard to pinpoint. What this masking sound does is desensitize nearby microphones of any type. It is powerful enough to cover an area of 150 square feet, so if you are inside a room and you do not want anyone to eavesdrop into your conversation using any type of microphone, you can securely go on with your conversation without worrying about eavesdroppers. You can buy it for $119.99.

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