Spy Gadgets: Mobile Phone Tricks and Accessories

Spy Gadgets: Mobile Phone Tricks and Accessories
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Spying With Your Cell Phone

Want to live the life of James Bond or Jason Bourne with spy gadgets? Mobile phone accessories from spy gadget companies and retailers can turn your humble cell into a powerful espionage device. Whether you’re looking to defend yourself, monitor your phone activities or keep tabs on phone use, spy gadgets for your mobile phone have plenty of everyday uses that can make you feel like a CIA op… at least for a few minutes every day. So, let’s take a look at some spy gadgets mobile phone users can buy today!

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Call Recorders


While landline phones have plenty of options for microphones and call recorders, recording from a cellular phone is a little more complicated. However, it’s not impossible. Devices such as the Call Mynah, which can be purchased from the Spy Gadgets website, connects to any Bluetooth-capable mobile phone. Once connected, it can be used to create digital recordings of telephone calls. Because the device doesn’t record any ambient sound - only that of the phone’s own receiver and ear piece - there’s no echo or interference, creating clear recordings without any audible interference on the call. Find some great call recorders at Amazon starting at around $16.

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Caller Protection


Now that you know how easy it is for a party to record your calls - either by tapping their landline or employing a device such as the Call Mynah - you might want to protect yourself from being unknowingly recorded. Voice disguisers available from the Spy Gadgets website or Amazon start at around $26 and allow you to make calls without your voice being recognizable. Such devices, as seen in spy movies and the Scream films, fit into the microphone slot or directly over the receiver to instantly obscure your voice in a variety of ways. Another way of protecting your calls is with a cell phone encryption device, which scrambles the signal from your phone so only another user with the same device can receive calls in which your voice is audible.

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Phone Detection


If someone’s able to make cell phone calls, they’re able to transmit information on your whereabouts and what you’re up to. If you don’t want your activities to be transmitted via cell phone, pick up a professional cell phone detector from Spy Gadgets or a more entry-level model from Amazon for around $68. Such a device will alert you when a working cell phone is within your area. It picks up transmission signatures from all major cellular networks, and can be set to alert you to another phone’s presence via a beeping tone or silent vibrating alert.

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SIM Card Reading


A spy with their hands on another operative’s cell phone is able to access some seriously private information - and so can you, with a SIM card reader. Find these devices at SpyGadgets for around $149 and they can access, retrieve and modify data from address book contacts to send and receive SMS messages - even deleted messages can be accessed. Besides cloak-and-dagger skulduggery, the practical possibilities for backing up and accessing your own data are obvious.

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Stun Guns


A stun gun isn’t a cell phone, obviously - but that doesn’t mean it can’t look like one such as the ones offered at SpyGadgets for around $70. Favored by many security-conscious city-dwellers, stun guns give you the security of knowing you’re carrying a deterrent without having to go all out and pack a gun whenever you leave the house. A cell phone-shaped stun gun is just as effective as any other, and the knowledge that were the unthinkable to happen, you’d have thee element of surprise on your side, may provide some added reassurance.

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