Top 10 Inexpensive Spy Gear Options for Covert Missions

Top 10 Inexpensive Spy Gear Options for Covert Missions
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Spy Gear

Believe it or not there is a long list of inexpensive spy gear available for all age groups. Spy gadget manufacturers have replicated authentic high tech spy gear to simpler and less effectual models for non-professional purposes. This spy gear may not have all the fancy features and performance quality as the real deal but they look a lot like the real thing and perform the basic functions similar to its high tech counterparts.

What is Spy Gear?

Popular spy gear includes night vision binoculars, spy vision goggles, spy camera eyewear, surveillance spy cameras, micro ear gear, spy voice scramblers, infrared laser beam lights, walkie-talkies, metal detectors, security scanners, handcuffs, laser tripwires, lie detector kits, evidence kits, spy audio cars, spy motion alarms, spy video trackers, nightspyer and much more.

Due to certain specifications it would be impossible to get some of this spy gear at a cheap cost. Here is a run-down of the inexpensive spy gear available online or at your local electronic store.

Spy Ear Gear

The spy ear gear is a listening device used to fine-tune any kind of audio signal from a distance so that it can be audible to the ear.

Normally, this device comes equip with a microphone/ audio receiver, telescope, detachable flashlight, headphones or listening clip that fits onto the ear. Batteries are required.

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Voice Scrambler

The voice scrambler is a device that disguises your true voice by distorting the sound. The words are still clear but the tone and pitch of your voice are altered

voice scrambler 2

to keep you anonymous.The voice scrambler features include audio recording, playback and voice distorter. Batteries are required.

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Spy Motion Alarm

The spy motion alarm senses movement of any kind, even the slightest vibration can trigger the alarm on this super sensitive

motion sensors

device. Features include motion sensing audio, intruder detection and distance detector. They install to doors, windows, bikes, backpacks, books and other personal belongings. Batteries are required.

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The nightspyer illuminates your surroundings with a dim tinted light to do undercover tasks at night. It allows you to see objects in very


dark conditions whether indoor or outdoor. The nightspyer features include an activation button for red LED tinted focused light beam, 2X power telescope lens to permit visibility up to 25 ft away, and mini night vision lens. Batteries required.

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Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles have built-in LED lights for viewing objects or activity taking place at very far distances in dark

night vision goggle 11

conditions. These devices have a magnifying scope that enables you to view through tinted crosshairs. Additional features include tinted lens for night vision, sighting scope with crosshairs and built-in LED lights. Batteries are required.

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Security Scanner

The security scanner is a hand held metal detector that alerts you once metal objects are sensed. The scanner has a bright red LED

security detector

light that illuminates simultaneously with a beeper to indicate hidden metal items on culprits. Features include LED alarm alerts (Light and Audio), Lightweight and portable. Batteries are required.

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Spy Gear Handcuffs

Spy gear handcuffs are holding devices used to secure the wrists of a criminal when detained. Its design consists of a very durable and


secure locking assembly that can only be opened with its designated key.

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Spy Night Scope

The night spy scope is a sophisticated optical device that has an infrared night vision beam that allows you to see objects at far distances in the dark.

night vision

The magnified lenses along with built-in infrared night vision technology illuminates the night for stealth surveillance. Features include built-in infrared night vision beam light, handheld binocular design, viewing distance of 50 feet in complete and total darkness and much more.

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Spy Walkie Talkie

These two radio spy walkie talkies keeps users connected at all times. They can send spoken messages from as far as 50 feet away and works


well through walls. Additional features include safety antennas, belt clips, spy code button and each requires batteries.

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Spy Gear Car

The spy gear car is a listening bug on wheels.

spy car

In most cases these devices also have a built-in video camera that captures and sends live feed to a receiver for convenient secret footage. The spy gear car can be just as effective if kept stationary, simply place in a room, listen in and watch undercover missions. It comes equipped with a headset (ear receiver), hand-held controller, sound activator and sound transmitter. Batteries are required.

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Inexpensive Spy Gear -

Description/ Features/ Specifications: Spy Gears - Voice Scrambler, Micro Spy Motion Alarm, Night Spyer, Night Vision Goggles & Spy Gear Handcuff