Top 5 Remote Control Spy Car Recommendations & Buying Guide

Top 5 Remote Control Spy Car Recommendations & Buying Guide
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Remote Control Spy Car: Top Gadget and Gift

One of the most popular gadgets and top toys for kids both young and old is the remote control spy car. These cars are similar to traditional remote control cars except for the fact that they contain little cameras or sound transmitters on them that act as spy gear. Prices for these remote control cars vary and they all have different features. Here is a look at 5 of the most popular remote control spy cars available for purchase.

1. Remote Control Spy Car: Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

Spy Gear has made quite a name for itself with their high quality items for the aspiring spy or detective! They do not cut corners with this remote control spy car. This spy car is suitable for kids ages 8 and up and ships at 3.6 pounds. This car features a color screen on the remote control and for those who are more technologically advanced, there are special applications that allow more functions as well as the ability to store videos on memory cards (not included). Included on the remote control spy car there is also an antenna, microphone and a video lens that is adjustable.

The car itself has great tread that enables it to move easily over any type of terrain. The car records on real time and is quick to respond to the easy to use remote control.

Included in the packaging is the car, remote control, instruction manual as well as a special USB cable that is used to download applications online. The price for the car is originally $129.99 but can be found on for as low as $75.

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2. Remote Control Spy Car: Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Video ATV-360


Spy Gear makes another excellent remote control spy car called the Spy Gear Spy ATV-360. This car is priced for just under $100 on It weighs in at a sturdy 3.6 pounds and is made out of very strong plastic that is meant to withstand lots of playtime. The video camera is on the front and it also transmits sound through a special sensor. Included in the package is the car, sound sensor, video camera, a neat headset with an adjustable video screen and monitor as well as instructions on how to use it. Not included in the package is the 12 AA batteries it needs.

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3. Remote Control Spy Car: JC Penney R/C Spy Car Wireless Listening Device


For those who are on a budget, JC Penney has an excellent alternative to some of the more expensive spy cars. Priced on sale for just $19.99, this spy car features a built-in voice transmitter. It is good for children ages 7 and up and uses 4 AA batteries that are not included in the package. The package includes the car and the remote control. Kids will love the sleek look of the car, while parents will like the price. It is only sold online and can be purchased by visiting here.

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4. Remote Control Spy Car: Sakar Spy Car


Another good choice for those on a budget as well as a good choice for children ages 4 and up is the Sakar Spy Car. This spy car is priced at only $29.50 at The car weighs 1 pound and uses audio signals so kids can easily send it on secret missions! Included in the box is the car and the remote control used to navigate the car around.

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5. Remote Control Spy Car: Disney Store Remote Control Cinderella Carriage


Finally, a perfect remote control spy car for a little girl is the Disney Store Remote Control Cinderella Carriage. Sold at for $99.99 this is an actual Cinderella carriage that features lights on the side and a video camera that can move up and down. One of the best features about this car is kids can see what it captures when it is hooked up to the television. There is also a viewing screen on the remote control. The shipping weight is 8 pounds and it comes with the carriage and the remote control.

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