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If you’re of a certain age, you’ll probably know that a Zoot Suit was a really “rad” garment worn by “with it” guys for a night on the town. For those of you who aren’t on Social Security, the term Zoot Snoot might not resonate though. That’s okay, the two really aren’t related in any way, and so you don’t have to make the link.

The Zoot Snoot is a simple, inexpensive and effective light modifier that is designed to restrict the light from a shoe mount flash to a small circle of light (just like other snoots do). This tool is a bit more versatile than many other snoots though, because it can be easily shaped and manipulated to vary the light pattern and intensity.


Porsche Brosseau attaches a Zoot Snoo to a strobe.

Porsche Brosseau mounts the Zoot Snoot on a strobe

Zoot Snoot light pattern.

Hoover lit by off camera flash using a Zoot Snoot.

In use (5 out of 5)

The Zoot Snoot is stretched over the head of your flash unit. It’s black on the outside, white on the inside and can be reversed to change its light output. The user can also pull back the outer edge to shorten the Zoot Snoot and widen the light beam. By varying its size, shape and/or reversing the neoprene snoot, the user can greatly vary the size and shape of the light pattern it produces.

Price to value (5 out of 5)

There are two versions of the Zoot Snoot, one for large shoe mount flash heads and another for smaller ones. It costs $23 and has a small hole at one end making it possible to clip it to the outside of a camera bag. The Zoot Snoot is a good value if you need an inexpensive, lightweight, light modifier and prefer a circular light pattern.

The one drawback is because of the size limitations to individual Zoot Snoots, users who work with multiple flash configurations may not be able to use the Zoot Snoot on the particular flash they want for a specific setup.

The manufacturer provided me with a Zoot Snoot for the David Busch Quick Snap Guide to Photo Gear.