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Although the NX11 is the new and updated version of the NX10 and is Samsung’s first EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) camera, there are only a few notable improvements. Let’s take a look at the features, design and picture quality of the Samsung NX11 camera.

Features (4 out of 5)

Samsung NX11

The i-Function lens system is the best new feature available on the NX11. This feature enables users to access all of the camera’s settings such as aperture, shutter speed and focus in an easy to use control and dial mounted on the camera. It offers an all-new focusing system as well, which is the fastest in the NX series to date. The face detection feature is quite impressive with this camera as well, detecting up to 10 faces at one time.

Samsung has also released a new Panorama feature that allows users to shoot an elongated photo by panning the camera across a scene. The progress of the image is tracked in a little bar located on the camera’s display to tell you when you have reached your limit for the picture.

The NX11 comes equip with a three-inch AMOLED display. Most LCD screens are extremely hard to view in direct sunlight, but with this camera’s screen, you will be able to view your pictures in even the harshest light. A dust sensor informs users when the camera may have too much dust on the lens, because this can ruin picture quality. A picture stabilization system has also been added so that there are no longer and blurry photos because of an unbalanced camera.

Design (3 out of 5)

Although the Samsung NX11 is a compact camera, it still has a very durable design. Most compact cameras make the lenses look as if they do not belong on the camera at all, but with the NX11’s elongated design, the lenses seem to fit perfectly. Finally, Samsung has decided to change the grip on the side of the camera and has made it much more comfortable than previous versions.

There are many buttons located on the top and back of the camera. Each of the buttons is labeled appropriately, which gives ease of access to new users. The menu system works exceptionally because of the amount of options that can be changed directly from the screen of the camera without having to search everywhere. There are, however, times that users may have to take a look at their user manual, because some options are pretty advanced for new users.

Picture/Video Quality (3 out of 5)


The picture quality of the NX11 is exceptional and users of the previous versions will not be surprised to hear this. Samsung has always had a great lineup of cameras with amazing lenses that take crystal clear quality pictures. Being able to accommodate 10 faces with the facial recognition tool, the camera will always make sure that everyone is in the shot.

This camera also comes equipped with videos, which will be recorded in JPEG video format. There is a noise reduction feature on the camera that does happen to work very well with unwanted background noise, but not the best that I have personally ever seen. The stabilization feature is incredible; every picture or video that is taken seems as if a professional photographer took it. When shooting a video with the camera there will no longer be any shaky moments ruining the quality of the video, either.

Final Verdict (4 out of 5)

Overall, this camera is a decent upgrade to its predecessor, the NX10. The question is, however, is it worth the $450 price tag that comes included with this camera? I would personally say that, yes, the Samsung NX11 is worth every penny you pay for it. There are so many advantageous features that I believe every camera should come equipped with right out of the box, and this camera has them all. The stabilization, i-Function and Panorama features are an excellent addition to the camera and will benefit amateur and professional photographers alike.

If you happen to have the money to go out and splurge on this camera, you should truly give it a shot. The camera performs at a professional level and is great for photography buffs. At the very least, go to a reputable camera shop or another retailer where you can test the camera out. If you have a chance, I am sure you will not be disappointed.



Author’s personal experience; I personally was shown this camera and tested it myself, as well as read the user manual.


Samsung_NX11_intro_30: Flickr Creative Commons, EuYoungs

Samsung_NX11_intro_16: Flickr Creative Commons, EuYoungs