What is The Best Camera Angle for Security Cameras? Outdoor Security Camera Positions that Work

What is The Best Camera Angle for Security Cameras? Outdoor Security Camera Positions that Work
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Capturing Exits and Entrances

The reason that you purchased a security camera was for protection and/or deterrence. But, your security camera does nothing for you if it doesn’t adequately capture as much of the scene as possible. So, you may be wondering what is the best camera angle for security cameras outdoors? Well, it really depends on what you are trying to record.

Before discussing the angles, it may best to discuss the best locations of security cameras outdoors. You always want to set at least one or two cameras at every entrance and/or exit. This allows you to capture the perpetrator either entering or exiting the establishment.

You should make sure that your security camera can capture an area at least three feet wide, and it should be high enough to capture the whole length of the door. The three feet wide area is very important since most doorways are approximately three feet wide.

Dealing With Light Pollution

Now, you need to consider the camera angle of your camera. You should never point your camera directly at an exterior door. As someone exits the building, light from inside will then flood the outside. If your camera doesn’t adjust to the light correctly, then your subject will turn completely

black and become something of a shadow. This hinders your ability to see any important details about the person.

You may try either putting the camera slightly to the side of the exit. This will allow you to capture most of the scene, but will diminish much of the light pollution. You will, however, have to do some experimentation with this because you will be losing the dead-on shot.

Alleys and Parking Lots

Another place where you need to consider putting up security cameras outdoors is in back or side alleys and parking lots. The fact that you have these cameras up are often a deterrent to many criminals since they know that they will be on camera no matter what. But, you also need to set up these cameras to catch as much as possible in case something does happen.

Depending on the zoom lens strength of your camera, you can set it up on the side of a building looking down upon the alley or the parking lot. If your zoom is not great, however, you will capture intricate details. You also need to make sure that you take full advantage of your camera’s movement. It won’t do you any good if the camera is obstructed by a wall or tree.

You can also consider setting up your camera on a tall poll, slightly pointed downwards. If you do this correctly, the camera will be close enough to the parking lot to capture details, but high enough that it’s not obstructed by other objects.

Setting Up Multiple Security Cameras

You should also consider setting up different cameras. This allows you to capture more of the scene, and you can have cameras set up at different angles. For example, you can have a camera that looks straight at the parking lot at only seven feet high. This allows you to capture facial features. Then, you can have a camera set up at 10 to 20 feet to capture, looking down towards the parking lot. This allows you to capture the entire area.