Top 5 Camera Sling Bags for the Photographer

Top 5 Camera Sling Bags for the Photographer
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1. Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW

Lowepro once again made it known why their camera bag product line is better than the rest with the SlingShot 102 AW camera bag. This camera bag provides what both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts are looking for - extra space for personal items, easy and fast access, better organization of camera accessories plus a facility for attaching a tripod. The SlingShot 102 AW camera bag gives you more room in its upper compartment to fill up with your camera accessories. It also has a nifty elastic band that secures your camera manual or a photography book. Also at the top is a slash pocket where you can put your UV filter, cell phone or keys. And if you want easy access to your camera and lenses, the bag features easy-glide zippers all throughout to make opening and closing of the bag easy, fast and smooth. For the bag’s main camera compartment, a flexible divider system offers a place for your camera and lenses. Other features of this bag include: an all weather AW cover, hideaway tripod mount with foldout holder and quick release buckle, ergonomic sling strap, padded waist belt, padded main compartment, 3 sliplock attachment and compartments to hold 2 of your memory cards. (Price: $69.95)

2. Caselogic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling

Caselogic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling

I own several Caselogic laptop and netbook bags as well as some pouches and I could attest to their products’ durability. Although I have yet to purchase a Caselogic bag for my DSLR camera, I’m pretty sure that once I get tired of one my Lowepro camera bags I’d seriously consider getting this Caselogic SLR Camera Sling bag. This bag is compatible with most DSLRs including their kit lens. This camera sling bag wears like a backpack but lets you quickly access your SLR and accessories without needing to remove the bag from your body. Well, that’s what makes sling bags unique, right? It features a hammock system that suspends your SLR above the bottom of the bag’s camera compartment, providing maximum protection. It also has a large zippered compartment where you can store an additional lens or flash. For storing your memory cards and other small camera accessories, the bag has 3 zippered compartments. Other features include: adjustable shoulder strap with waist strap, memory foam on interior that protects your camera’s LCD screen, and hoop and loop strap for holding your tripod. (Price: $57.09)

3. Tamrac 5767 Velocity 7x Photo Sling Pack

Tamrac 5767 Velocity 7x Photo Sling Pack

At first you may not think that the Tamrac 5767 Velocity 7x is a sling bag because of its unique style. But it actually is a camera sling bag that carries like a backpack but easily swings around to your front for quick access to your camera. The bag fits most DLSRs plus a 6-inch lens attached and one or two more additional lenses. The bag’s main compartment has two vertical, foam padded dividers that provide ample protection for your camera. It has a secured and zippered quick flip top that opens away from the body for easy and fast access to your camera and lens. Other features of this bag include: a well-padded sling strap, tuck-away waist belt, front pocket with organizer and an inside pocket for tucking away filters and lens cap. The bag also features Tamrac’s memory and battery managements system which uses red flags for marking available memory cards and batteries from the ones you’ve already used up. (Price: $59.95)

4. Kata KT D-3N1-30 Sling/Backpack

Kata KT D-3N1-30 Sling/Backpack

The best feature of the Kata KT DD-31N1 Sling/Backpack is given away by its name; it’s a camera sling bag and backpack combined. This means you can either carry it the sling bag way or the traditional two shoulders backpack way. Aside from that, this camera sling bag also gives you quick access to your gear with quick release and one-handed bag opening features. For left-hand photographers, you can also use this bag as a left-handed sling bag. Plus, of course, you also get optimum protection for your camera. Other features of this bag include a quick release clip and balancing hip strap. This camera sling bag can hold a DSLR with long range zoom lens and around 5 to 6 additional lenses and other camera accessories. (Price: $129.90)

5. Tenba 632-631 Shootout Convertible Medium Photo Sling Bag

Tenba 632-631 Shootout Convertible Medium Photo Sling Bag

Somewhat similar to the Kata KT Sling/Backpack, the Tenba Shootout Convertible Sling Bag also doubles up as a “quick-draw” camera sling bag to a traditional camera backpack. The bag features a contoured and padded crossed-chest strap instead of two shoulder straps and allows you to swing it around in front of you. The bag also has movable padded walls. It is made of durable, water-resistant nylon for its exterior and has weather-sealed zippers on all of its openings. Other features of the bag include: monopod straps, protective rubber bottom treads and more. (Price: $99.95)