How to Choose a Camcorder for Your Kid - Tips on Buying the Best Kid Friendly Camcorder

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Does your child show interest in video production? If so, you could surprise him or her with a video camera as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Before we take a look at some of the camcorder models that are suitable for kids, let’s first look at the factors you ought to consider before you whip out your credit card or wallet.


Of course you would want to look at the cost involved especially if you’re on a tight budget. Even if budget is not a concern, you should think twice about purchasing an expensive camcorder.

The question you should ask yourself is how long your kid will be interested in using the video camera. Will she put it to long-term use? Will your kid lose interest in it not long after she receives it?

If you’re doubtful as to whether your kid would put the camcorder to good use in the long term, you should try an entry-level model to gauge her interest. If she shows signs of a serious video creator, you could always upgrade to a slightly expensive model.

Ease of Use

You may want to get your kid a camcorder model packed with features so that she could get the best out of the camcorder. If you have this wish, then you may be looking from the adult point of view. A camcorder with all the bells and whistles and difficult to use may discourage your kid from using the camcorder freely.

Kids usually want something simple to operate, whereby they need to press a button or two and start recording video.

If you’re not springing a surprise gift on your child, you could bring her along to test out a camcorder you have in mind to determine if she’s comfortable with it.

Storage Media

Most probably you’ll be considering the purchase of a model which would use tape as storage media. Not only will this incur additional expenditure in the future, it would also increase the complexity of transferring video to the computer for editing.

In most cases you shouldn’t also consider a model which uses memory card as storage media. Children may leave the memory card lying around and misplace it.

The better option would be to get a model with built-in memory. Though these kinds of models may have limited recording time, it would encourage kids to download their video clips to the computer so that they could free up storage space for further shooting.

Extended Warranty

Kids are usually less careful with gadgets compared to adults. If your child has butter fingers or you envisage her causing some form of damage to the video camera, you could consider purchasing an extended warranty. Spending a couple of bucks for an extended warranty will leave you with the peace of mind after the normal warranty period expires.

Models to Consider

Among the camcorder models you could consider for your kid are Polaroid Pixie SD Digital Video Camera. Digital Blue Disney Flix Video Camera, VCamNow Digital Video Camera, Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder and RCA Small Wonder Digital Camcorder.