RCA Small Wonder Video Camera: Your Low-Budget Shooting Option

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Have you been tinkering with the idea of buying a camcorder, but have been hesitating on making a decision?

It could be that the price is putting you off or you’re besieged by the fear that you may not be able to handle what looks like a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment. You may also be wondering if you would get your money’s worth if you buy a camcorder. Maybe you’re just thinking of nothing more than capturing some video footage with the intention of uploading it to the web when the mood moves you.

Maybe you already own a camcorder, but don’t fancy your children using it for fear of causing damage or having it malfunction. Also, If your children are having fun shooting video you may want to give them an alternative which is easy on your pocket user-friendly.

Simple & User-Friendly:

If so, you would want to consider the RCA Small Wonder Video Camera. As the name suggests, it’s handy enough to fit into your pocket. RCA Small Wonder is a point-and-shoot video camera even a 10-year-old kid could easily handle. You have only four buttons to tinker with - Power, Record, Play and Delete. That doesn’t mean you can’t do more. You could, for instance, zoom (2X) in your subject.

With RCA small wonder, you don’t have to worry about buying tapes or memory cards to store your video. The camera comes with a built-in 2 GB memory which could record video for a maximum of 30 minutes. This may be a relatively short time for a video recording. However, if you’re the type who fancies capturing moments of not more than five to ten seconds, then 30 minutes is more than sufficient to record hundreds of shots.

After shooting, you could instantly view your clips and delete them if you’re less than pleased with what you have captured. You’re, however, not advised to do it because it would drain the power of the 2 AA batteries that the camcorder runs on.

Done with your shooting, you can either view your shots in the camera itself, by using the play button or connect it to your television with the provided cable. If you’re into editing, you can download the captured video to your computer through your USB port.

Software is provided for easy transfer of video from your camera to your computer. If you have qualms about installing additional software into your system, you can always use the camera as a flash drive. Drag and drop the recorded clips into your computer hard disk and play them with your favourite media player.

As Small Wonder captures video in MP4 –XVID, it should be compatible with most video editors. Video resolution is at 448 x 336 recorded at 30 frames per second, Audio is in the Microsoft ADPCM format recorded at 64 kb/s through the built-in microphone.

If you don’t have editing your captured video in mind, you could take your Small Wonder Video Camera to your neighborhood Digital Video Processing lab to be converted into a DVD.

All in all, Small Wonder is an ideal video camera if you’re only making the occasional video recording to be shared over email or YouTube. With Small Wonder you don’t have to worry about expensive accessories like tapes and batteries.

At the time of writing, RCA Small Wonder Video Camera is available at Amazon.com for US$75.