Digital Cameras for Kids - Four Popular Kids Digital Cameras - Including Disney, Little Tikes, VTech and Fisher Price Digital Cameras

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Digital Cameras for Kids

When choosing a digital camera for your child, keep in mind several things. First, you need to look for one that is durable. Most children’s digital cameras are designed for those as young as three years old and have a hard, plastic case. They are meant to be dropped and banged around. Some digital cameras that are made for kids are even waterproof.

The print quality of the photos will be low. The digital photos taken with a child’s digital camera are either best viewed on the camera itself, on the television, or on a computer.

VTech Kidizoom Camera

VTech Kidizoom Camera is not only a digital camera but a video camera and a gaming console featuring three built-in games. Your kids might already be familiar with the family digital camera, so you will have to give them one that is comparable, at least in some regards, for them to be interested in using it. The Kidizoom has an LCD screen that is 1.8 inches. Most kids want to see the picture they have just taken. The bigger the LCD screen, the easier it is to view pictures taken with the digital camera. The Kidizoom also features large, colorful buttons, extra faceplates, and a dual viewfinder. It’s also very easy for small hands to grasp. The Kidizoom has 16 MB of internal memory that will hold up to 200 still photos or 5 minutes of video. You can add a SD card to increase its storage capabilities. It is powered with four AA batteries. You can either download photos to your computer or connect the Kidizoom to your television to view photos. The Kidizoom even has it’s own built-in photo editor, with the option to enlarge digital photos to 2 MP. The Kidizoom is recommended for kids 3-6 and retails for $59.99.

Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

The Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera features a slightly smaller LCD screen than the Kidizoom - a 1.6 inch LCD color screen. The Kid-Tough Digital Camera has 8 MB of internal memory, which will hold up to 60 pictures. Like the Kidizoom, it also comes with an SD card slot, so you can increase its photo storage capabilities. The Kid-Tough has a dual viewfinder, large buttons, and is easy for small hands to grip. The digital camera requires four AA batteries, and it comes with one lithium CR2032 battery. Kid-Tough is recommended for children 3 years and up, and retails for $65.00.

Little Tikes My Real Digital Camera

Little Tikes My Real Digital Camera is a digital camera that is designed for small kids. It’s colorful, easy to grasp, and has a dual viewfinder. It comes with 64 MB of internal memory that will hold about 1000 images, but has an unimpressive 1.3 inch screen when comparing it with other kids’ digital cameras. My Real Digital Camera operates on 4 AAA batteries. It is recommended for shildren 3 years and up, and retails for $44.99.

Disney Mickey Digital Camera

The Disney Mickey Digital Camera is a slightly smaller, yet cute, kids digital camera. This digital camera includes 8 MB of internal memory that will hold up to 113 photos. It does have an expansion slot as well, to add more memory. The Mickey Digital Camera has a 1.3 inch color LCD screen. It retails for $29.99, and comes with batteries (4 AA’s and 1 button-cell) and photo editing software.


If your child has an interest in the family digital camera, then they might enjoy one of their very own. Doing research and knowing which digital camera fits your budget and your kid’s needs best will ensure that the digital camera will not only be used but will be a favorite toy for a long time.