Learn What Are Some of the Best Digital Camcorders to Come out for 2009.

Learn What Are Some of the Best Digital Camcorders to Come out for 2009.
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Canon Vixia HFS100

Many of your favorite camcorder companies have already released newer versions of favorite models or whole new lines. So, to get your ready for July 4th or to just find a gift for Father’s Day, we’ve put together a list of the best digital camcorders to have come out this year.

Canon has already introduced a number of new models, but the Canon Vixia HFS100 High Definition Flash Memory Camcorder (approximately $1,000 online) is already getting some rave reviews. The camcorder comes with full HD recording and the ever-popular optical image stabilization technology to help avoid shaky shots. It has a 10X optical zoom and a ½.6 inch CMOS sensor to improve resolution and crispness.

The 2.7 inch Touch Screen can be temperamental, but is overall great for anyone who’s gotten used to it. It can record in 24p cinema mode or 30p mode with stereo sound. It can take eight megapixel still images. What’s really nice about this model besides its usability is that the Dual ShotCapture feature allows video and photos to be taken without switching modes.

Canon Vixia HF200

Canon also recently released the Canon Vixia HF200 High Definition Flash Memory Camcorder (approximately $600 online). This fully high definition, Flash Memory camcorder comes with Canon’s optimal image stabilization technology and 15x optical zoom for amazingly close shots. It too has a 2.7 inch Touch Screen and can record in 24p cinema mode and 30p mode. It comes with a ¼ inch CMOS sensor

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and can record in stereo sound.

A nice feature for this model is the face detection feature, which will recognize faces and make sure that they come through clear. It also has the video snapshot mode that allows you to take a picture while filming. This camcorder can only take still pictures at 3.1 megapixels. For the cheaper price, however, it may be an acceptable sacrifice to those on a budget.

Sony HDR-XC100

Another major name has released a camcorder that’s been well-appreciated by users. The Sony HDR-XC100 Dual Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder (approximately $500 online). This camcorder is also fully high definition and has 10x optical zoom. It has Sony’s

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version of image stabilization technology, SteadyShot. It has a 1/5-inch Exmor CMOS and 2.7 inch high resolution Touch Screen. It also records in stereo sound.

It takes four megapixel still images, a bit less than the higher eight megapixel stills of the previous camcorder, but still really admirable. A really nice feature of this model is the Bionz image processor that improves the speed and quality of shots and extends battery life. Another interesting feature is the Smile Shutter that automatically takes still photos whenever someone smiles.