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Lights, Camera, Action!

For good video recordings, better lighting is often needed. The Sony HVL-HL1 3-watt video light creates a better setting for your videos. Compatible with Sony camcorders, the video light accessory is $26.00, on Amazon and makes a perfect addition to your video camera equipment or to give as a gift.

These lights are also exclusively compatible with the Sony Handycam camcorders, and they provide a brighter option when shooting video in darker places or where there may be a strong backlight. Each carries an automatic feature that turns the light on in dimly lit situations. Comes with a storage pouch to keep the light safe when not on the camcorder. It’s compact, lightweight and easy to store. The light weighs 3.2 ounces, and is 6.4 x 4.7 x 2.6 inches.

We Have Sound!

This Microphone is designed for the DCR-PC55, DCR-DVD305, DVD 405, DVD 505, HDR-HC1, HC5, HDR-UX1, UX5, DCR-SR100 & SR200 Camcorders. The lightweight (1.8 ounces) shotgun microphone synchronizes with the camcorder’s zoom function to control the volume. It captures super cardioid patterns in telephoto, and a cardioid pattern in wide-angle shots as well. The microphone has three settings for use in various video shooting situations. The microphone has no need for a separate battery, as it’s powered by the camcorder. Pricing for this accessory is $41.88 through, but the regular list price is $69.99.

Night Light

Twenty five LED lights illuminate your shooting area with up to 50 feet of infrared light. The Phantom Lite Infrared Night Lite lasts 12 hours or more on a single 9v battery. These lights are hand-built, and tested to ensure the product is stable. Whether shooting night film footage of docks by the seaside, or traveling around on a paranormal investigation, this light will become your best friend. Both security cameras and video cameras benefit from this product. There is a note with the Phantom Lite: Humans cannot see infrared light, making the only image you can view a faint red light while looking at the lighting system. Through the night vision camcorder, you can see how much light the infrared bulbs are putting out. The Phantom Lite weighs in at one pound, and can be used in conjunction with all camcorders that provide night vision features. The light runs from $56.99 on

Hard Case

To protect your video equipment, this ape case is made of solid aluminum with a high vision yellow interior to give you better background to view your equipment. The keyed lock has two keys plus a padlock loop that holds the TSA approved locks for travel safety. The case comes with a removable reinforced carrying strap to maintain durability. Ape cases make a perfect accessory for video cameras, and for travel needs. The size of this case is small, but you can purchase various sizes to fit your needs. The specific case chosen here is $29.99 through Amazon, with a regular list price of $59.99 - saving you $30.00 or 50% of the original list price.

Raining Videos

Rain covers come in handy when filming in the nasty weather. Protect your video equipment with this cover designed to protect medium-sized video camcorders. Pull-tight cords and Velcro run along the rim of the cover to encase your camera in a dry protective cocoon. Flexible sleeves protect the viewfinder and the microphone, while the bottom opening gives the film maker the easy access to move hands easily and comfortably. The cover is $89.95 through Amazon, from a regular $100 list price. The rain gear ships for free with “Super Saver Shipping.”

It’s in the Bag!

Dropped from a list price of $140.00, and now on display for $49.00, the Kata EXO-12 camcorder case is roomy enough to easily fit a mid-sized camcorder and accessories that go with it. Specially designed pouches are found at each end of the bag, leaving room for those extra batteries or lens cleaning supplies.

Made from 1000 Denier Cordura, the bag remains water repellant. Attached to the waist or the shoulder with a B-shaped shoulder strap, you can carry your camera with you comfortably, where ever you go.

Tiny but Mighty

“My Heart” protective covers for the little video cameras in our lives come with the image shown, and are designed to protect the Sony Bloggie Touch from damage, wear and tear. Here are the designs you can choose from:

  • High gloss finish “apocalypse” green
  • Dark burlwood
  • Apocalypse red
  • Solid state black
  • Laurie’s garden

These fun decals are printed in high-resolution on premium vinyl. Protection from scratches, dust and grime has never been more beautiful, playful and fun! The covers feature cut outs for screen viewing, and contain button access to keep them functional. Installing the decals is easy with a channeled adhesive that keeps air bubbles out, without leaving a sticky residue when removed. All of these fun covers can be found on Amazon for $7.99 each.

Holding Up

With a non-skid contact surface to keep your camera in place, the Portabrace strap houses memory foam padding to give a comfortable fit. Storage pockets allow for the facilitation of camera cleaning liquid or tissues, cords or other smaller items. Suede lines the exterior to give the strap durable, soft comfort while its ability to hold heavier loads is unsurpassed. List price of the strap is normally $109, but Amazon sells them for $94.61. A perfect gift or addition to your video camera equipment.

Keeping it Clean

The Opteka lens cleaning kit comes with a compact tabletop tripod, lens cleaning kit and LCD screen protectors to keep your video camera in tip-top shape. With this five piece kit, you can reach into places you can’t normally get. Hard to reach lenses are easy with this kit by Opteka. Works great for cameras, filters, lenses and can also clean LCD panels. The cleaning product removes oil and dirt. The tripod works wonderfully to get that steady shot from the backyard or out in the wilderness. LCD protectors provided protect screens up to 3.5” x 4.25”. They also keep lenses from getting scratched, while keeping glare down with an enhanced view. The kit costs $9.95 through Amazon, and is a must for any video maker.

Splitting Hairs

After shooting your video footage, this accessory can split your display into two outputs for double the fun! Use this amplified HDMI splitter to produce the video onto two HDMI compatible monitors or TV screens. Simply plug the HDMI sources, and display devices into the splitter. Connect the DC plug on the power adapter to the splitter. Plug the other end of the power adapter into a wall outlet and you’ll be able to send your video to two sources at once! Great gift for the avid video shooter, and perfect accessory to keep for yourself. The price is $24.14 at Amazon.

Charge ‘Em Up and Move ‘Em Out

The Sony BCTRV travel charger is available at for $31.99. This is a must when it comes to top video camera accessories. For under $100, you get a charging status indication lamp with a 3-step LED indicator to let you know when it’s ready, and a retracting AC plug which allows easy storage for travel situations or for around the home. The universal voltage AC 100-240V (50/60Hz) plug-in charger weighs in at 1.9 ounces, and is perfect for any camera fitting the V, P, and H series batteries. The charger is $31.99 at Amazon.

Show it Off!

With all of your new accessories, you can create outstanding video footage. The ultimate in showing off your new video is through this Monster Cable ultimate high-speed HDMI 1000 HDX. This THX certified piece of equipment will deliver 15.8 GBPS bandwidth to give you 14-bit deep color. Supports up to 1080p resolution to get the clearest sound and sharpest pictures. The Monster Cable HDX can be installed through walls with the UL rating it boasts. It is ISF certified for professional video calibration. The Monster Cable HDX can be purchased through Amazon for $34.99. Along with the 4 ft. model of the Monster Cable HDX, the Monster Cable HDX can be purchased in the 8 ft. model as well, for $79.99 through Amazon as well. A Mediabridge Ultra Series high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet can be found on the same page as a recommendation, to accommodate the hook up for the Monster Cable HDX, and sells for $9.99 through Amazon. All of these are located on the same page as the Monster HDX. Bring your video footage to life with audio and video of outstanding quality!


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