Common Camera Problems: Sony Camera Repair

Common Camera Problems: Sony Camera Repair
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Dealing with Sony Camera Problems

You usually have no issues with your Sony camera. You can repeatedly take photographs and everything works fine. However, it is that one time when it will not shoot images or even turn on when you feel like despairing. You do not have to run out and buy a new camera. You can troubleshoot the issue and see if you can repair the problem with your Sony camera.

Battery Issues

One of the most common problems that people experience is that the camera doesn’t turn on. First, check to see if your camera batteries are dead. Try recharging them. Verify that you have correctly inserted the batteries into the camera. Confirm that the camera battery is actually connecting with the connectors. You may need to replace the battery door if it is too loose or broken.

If the camera still will not turn on, purchase a new battery pack. If this does not solve the problem, contact Sony or take the camera back to the place where you bought it, especially if the warranty is still in effect.

If your camera turns on but you cannot take images, remove either the camera adapter or the battery. Leave it disconnected for about one minute, and then reattach the battery or the adapter. If the camera still won’t turn on, it is defective, and you need to get it serviced.

Accessing Error

You may see the “Accessing” error on your Sony camera when you insert a memory card into the memory card slot. This usually indicates that there is dirt inside the memory card slot. Use a camera cloth or other type of dry cloth, and clean out the memory card compartment. Reinsert the memory card, and see if the message has gone away.

If it is still there, use another memory card. The current one may be defective.

Flash and Focusing

If your Sony camera is not focusing correctly, make sure that the lens is clean. Use a lens cloth and cleaner to clean the lens thoroughly. Your camera may normally have trouble automatically focusing on images that are too dark or moving extremely fast. Change the camera settings to manual and try manually focusing on the selected subject.

Your camera flash will not fire if you have set the “Flash” setting to the “Off” position. Turn the flash on. If you have just taken a photograph, let your flash charge for a few seconds and then try taking another picture.

Too Hot and Error Codes

If your Sony camera gets extremely warm, shut it off. While your camera normally gets a little warm while you are operating it, it may overheat, especially on warm days. Contact a service technician if the problem persists.

Read your manual if you receive an error code. The meaning of these codes varies by camera model.

If you still need Sony camera repair help, contact Sony directly or go to your local camera repair or camera parts dealer. These people can help you further diagnose the problem with your camera.