Digital Camera Repair Tips: Canon Camera Repair

Digital Camera Repair Tips: Canon Camera Repair
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Repairing Your Canon

Canon cameras are built to last. And, they generally give you no issues. However, you may still experience some minor problems with your Canon camera. Common Canon camera problems often result from power or component issues. You can learn some common repair tips to quickly fix your camera and get it back to working order.


If your camera won’t turn on, check your batteries. Even if it’s a new battery, you may still have issues with it, especially if you haven’t charged it or if you just purchased a bad battery. Open up the battery case, and look at the batteries. If you have been photographing in a windy or dusty area, the batteries may be too dirty to get an adequate connection.

Clean the batteries, and reinsert them into the battery compartment. Make sure that you are properly installing them, and close the battery compartment. If the batteries are still not working, check the contact posts. If they are smashed, try bending them up.

Pin Switch

Examine the pin switch, which is located on the area where the door of the camera connects to the camera itself. There is a nib on the door that inserts into this switch. If the nib is broken, replace the door, or try gluing the nib back on.

If you are still not able to get your camera to work, you may want to take it to a camera repair person as this means that you have a problem with an internal component.

If you do get the camera to work, the Canon lens may be stuck open, especially if it was open when the camera went dead. Remove the batteries and the memory card, and then reinstall these components. The lens should then close.


Your flash may not immediately come back on when you take a picture. You must give it time to recharge. If it still won’t work, check the trigger voltage. If it is extremely high, don’t use your flash. This could seriously damage your camera. Call Canon for assistance.

Also, check your shutter speed. If it is too fast, then your flash won’t have time to fire.

Memory Card

Canon’s often give you a warning when the memory card is full, or you may receive an error like the card is not formatted. Use a new card if your old card is full, or delete the pictures. Always format your card before using it. If it still won’t work, examine the card slot, and see if anything is jammed in the slot. Remove any debris, and clean the slot with a cloth. If your memory card can’t make contact with the camera, then it won’t work.


Canon PowerShot or similar point-and-shoot cameras often have trouble with the lens not focusing correctly. The lens won’t expand or contract, meaning that the camera won’t focus correctly. Contact Canon for assistance.


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