Different Types Of Video Surveillance Cameras

Different Types Of Video Surveillance Cameras
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Use Of Video Surveillance Cameras

Video Surveillance cameras have previously been used by police and similar agencies only, but now they have become accessible to an ordinary man also. If we look around our houses we will discover that some people might have a surveillance camera installed outside their houses. Surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly common, and in addition to police and homeowners, several businesses, schools, government and security agencies use surveillance cameras to catch students catching on exams, stop staff from embezzlement, deter vandalism, burglaries, find areas of congestion, and monitor and fight general crime.

Since surveillance cameras have become a need of the hour by all sorts of businesses, private properties, and government facilities, the surveillance camera manufacturers have made available different kinds of cameras, to suit our specific needs. The different types of surveillance cameras available today are described below.

Wireless Security Cameras

These are normal video surveillance cameras but w

ork without wires. These are often small and can be moved easily. The wireless security cameras are becoming the best option for the security cameras because they offer ease of install, set up and use. IP based wireless cameras are also available. They allow you to easily create a network of wireless cameras, and effectively monitor your office or home from a far place, using an internet connected computer.

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Wired Surveillance Cameras

These are the typical surveillance cameras, used at most places. If you want to ins

wired camera

tall a camera at a location where it will never need to be moved from, a wired camera then is an appropriate option. Wired surveillance cameras are easy to set up because no wireless or IP configuration is required.

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Night Vision Cameras

The night vision surveillance cameras are best for use in low-light ar

night vision camera

eas. These cameras record videos in black & white so that images could be captured in best quality, and are often used at places where permanent surveillance is required. These cameras are also useful to monitor the interior of warehouses and stores at night. The four types of night vision cameras available are SWIR, thermal, laser-based and infrared.

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Fake Surveillance Cameras

A fake surveillance camera is a way to deter intruders and burglars. These camera

fake surveillance camera

s are non-functional cameras designed to fool anyone who it is supposedly watching. These cameras are an easy way to deter intruders and burglars easily, without spending a lot of money. These cameras have an advantage that they are inexpensive but their disadvantage is that should something happens; you’ll not have a record of it.

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Home Surveillance Cameras

Home surveillance cameras are an important electronic for keeping houses safe from burglary or damage. These camera

Home surveillance cameras

s are easily found at many online stores and are not very expensive compared to other types of cameras. The home surveillance cameras are easy to install and set up, as they are intended for use by non-technical people and for basic use. These cameras are slowly becoming a standard in residence safety, and are some of the most popular products in the market today.

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Covert Surveillance Cameras

The convert surveillance cameras are tiny hidden cameras, which are conce

convert surveillance camera

led in a wall clock, potted plant, book, toy, and about anything you can think of, for monitoring and recording. These cameras are used for capturing a specific area outside or inside an office or home, without being noticed. A convert surveillance camera is very difficult to detect unless you look hard or know that it is located somewhere.

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We’ve given you help in understanding video surveillance cameras and which are available to you. The different kinds of surveillance cameras are available to suit different office and home needs, but which camera is the best option for you will depend on your individual budget and security requirements.