Best Kodak Digital Camera Round Up

Best Kodak Digital Camera Round Up
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Kodak EasyShare C195

Featuring a 5x optical zoom and Kodak’s Smart Capture technology, this camera lets you easily and instantly share pictures through its one-touch button. You can share pictures via YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Orkut and even through your email account. This camera also automatically uploads your pictures to your computer once you have connected the device. For its technical specs, this Kodak digital camera boasts of 14 MP image sensor, 5x optical zoom (35mm equivalent: 33-165 mm), blur reduction, 3.0-inch bright LCD, built-in mechanical lens cover, shutter speed of 1/4-1/1400 sec., and a 32MB internal memory plus SD/SDHC card expansion slot. (Price: $79.95)

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Kodak EasyShare Z981 Digital Camera


The Kodak EasyShare Z981 zooms in faster, wider, and closer than most Kodak digital cameras. With this feature, it gives you sharp, steady shots that you can proudly share with anyone through its one-click share button. A unique feature of this Kodak digital camera is its vertical shutter release and detachable grip, which gives you more flexibility whether you are taking horizontal or vertical shots. Other features and specs of this digital camera include 14 MP image sensor with 26x optical zoom using Schneider- Kreuznach Variogon lens (35 mm equivalent: 26-676 mm), fast (f/2.8-f/5.0) 26 mm wide-angle lens, image stabilization, fast-click-to-capture speed (<0.2), HD picture and video capture, high ISO mode, and on-camera picture-enhancing features. (Price: $199.95)

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Kodak EasyShare M590


Dubbed the world’s thinnest 5x optical zoom digital camera, the Kodak EasyShare M590 features a fashionable and modern design that will attract attention. This Kodak digital camera features image stabilization, blur reduction and anti-shake elimination. For its specs and features, this 14 MP Kodak digital camera also features a 2.7-inch bright LCD, Smart Capture, intelligent scene detection, intelligent capture control, intelligent image processing, and face detection. Like the previously listed Kodak digital cameras, the EasyShare M590 features a one-touch share button that lets you share your photos via Facebook, YouTube, Kodak Gallery, Orkut and Flickr. (Price: $119.95)

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Kodak EasyShare C183

kodak easyshare c183

Want real value for your money? This Kodak camera is probably the best camera for you. For its affordable price, it offers most of the features of other high-end EasyShare cameras. These features include Kodak Smart Capture, photo sharing via the one-touch Share button, 14.6 MP CCD Sensor, 3X optical (35 mm equivalent: 32-96mm) and 5X advanced digital zoom, 3.0-inch LCD, ISO range from 64 to 1000, blur reduction, HD picture capture, and high ISO range up to 1000. (Price: $99.95)

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Kodak EasyShare Z915

kodak easyshare c195

If you want a smarter Kodak digital camera, check out the Kodak EasyShare Z915 featuring an extended zoom. This camera is compact and not too complex, which is good as it allows you focus your attention to its shooting capabilities. This Kodak digital camera takes digital photography to the next level, whether you are taking fast action shots or landscape scenes. It boasts of 10x optical zoom with image stabilization, 10 MP 1/2.3 type CCD, 2.5-inch LCD display, ISO range from 100-1600, and 0.3 click to capture technology. (Price: $199.95)

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Kodak EasyShare M580

Kodak EasyShare M580

Here’s another Kodak digital camera that is great for sharing pictures via Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, email and Kodak Gallery sites the easy way – via a one-touch sharing button. The camera also lets you tag, star, date and search your pictures easily. On the technical side, this Kodak digital camera features 8x optical zoom and 28mm wide-angle lens, blur reduction, and 14 MP CCD sensor. The Kodak EasyShare M580 is stylish, trendy, sleek and compact. Other features include Smart Capture, high ISO range, face recognition, 3-inch bright LCD, and HD picture and video capture. (Price: $105.62)

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Kodak EasyShare C143

Kodak EasyShare C143

Featuring a 12 MP CCD sensor and a bright 2.7-inch LCD, this Kodak camera lets you share pictures instantly via Facebook, Twitter, Kodak Gallery, Flickr and email. The camera also features 3x optical zoom (3 mm equivalent: 32-96 mm), allowing you to get closer shots of your subjects without sacrificing picture quality. This Kodak digital camera also boasts blur reduction, high ISO range up to 1600, on-camera picture enhancing and editing features, image stabilization, and 32 MB internal memory plus SD/SDHC card expansion slot. The best feature of the EasyShare C143 is its affordable price. (Price: $79.95)

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