SanDisk Memory Cards for Digital Cameras, Video Recording, Gaming, Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

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Camera Memory Cards

SanDisk has been developing new flash memory technologies since the company was founded in 1988 and is currently the world’s leading supplier of flash memory cards. A large segment of SanDisk’s consumer base is made up of digital camera users who store their images on writable, removable flash media devices.

For standard compact digital cameras of the point-and shoot variety, SanDisk offers a variety of Secure Digital (SD) cards. SD cards were developed together by SanDisk, Matsushita and Toshiba in 1999 and based on the older MultiMediaCard, or MMC, format. SanDisk’s current product line of SD cards includes standard SD, SDHC (high-capacity) and SDXC (extended-capacity) cards in a range of sizes and speeds. Specific SD card types include:

Ultra SDHC cards

Ultra SDHC cards provide increased performance and writing speeds. The original SanDisk Ultra SDHC memory card has transfer speeds of up to 15MB per second.

Extreme SDHC cards

SanDisk’s Extreme cards offer even faster speeds of up to 30MB per second.

SanDisk also produces CompactFlash (CF) cards, the wider memory card commonly used for digital SLR cameras. CF cards from SanDisk include:

Ultra I and Ultra II CF cards

Extreme I, Extreme II, Extreme III and Extreme IV CF cards

Extreme Pro CF cards

Other camera-related memory devices include:

Memory Stick PRO Duo

The Memory Stick PRO Duo was developed for users of Sony cameras and devices.

xD Picture Cards

The SanDisk xD-Picture Card is compatible with Olympus and Fuji xD-Picture Card devices.

Camcorder Memory Cards

SanDisk offers a variety of high-capacity cards for camcorder use. Cards specifically marketed to the video camera industry include:

SanDisk Ultra Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo

The PRO-HG Duo was implemented together with Sony for use with Sony video cameras with writing speeds of up to 30MB/sec.

SanDisk Ultra SDHC Card

The Ultra line of SanDisk high-capacity cards offer higher performance and durability.

SanDisk HD Video SDHC

The high-definition SD high-capacity card is the typical card of choice for HD videos cameras.

HD Video SDHC Extreme

The Extreme HD card offers higher reading and writing speeds of 20MB/sec, rated a Class 6 for video performance. Read more about the importance of memory card speeds to understand differences in card performance and writing speeds.

Gaming Memory Cards

SanDisk’s gaming memory products include a range of microSD cards along with memory sticks or flash drives specifically designed with gaming systems in mind. Compatibility packs are also available that allow data to be transferred between memory sticks and flash memory cards. Gaming Memory Cards manufactured by SanDisk include:

SanDisk Memory Stick Micro M2

The M2, or Memory Stick Micro, is marketed by SanDisk to users of the Sony PSP handheld gaming device.

Nintendo DSi SDHC Memory Card

The high-capacity SD card for the Nintendo DSi is a white 8GB memory card designed for the Nintendo DS gaming devices.

SanDisk Gaming SD Card for Nintendo Wii System

The Wii SD card from SanDisk is a white 2GB memory card designed for use with the Nintendo Wii system.

SanDisk Gaming Memory Stick PRO Duo Card

The Memory Stick PRO Duo comes in blue, green and orange varieties targeted toward Sony PSP users.

Mobile Memory Cards

SanDisk offers a line of memory products designed specifically for use with mobile devices. MicroSD cards and memory sticks allow users to easily transfer music, images and other data from their cell phone to the computer.

SanDisk recommends different card types to those using their phones in different ways. For the business-oriented Smartphone user, the microSDHC (high-capacity) card offers greater capacity for larger files and business applications. Multimedia users with entertainment media phones often need greater storage for music and gaming and may also benefit from SanDisk’s microSDHC cards. The casual phone user is less likely to need considerable space for removable media and will probably find their needs met by a standard 2GB microSD card.

In addition to standard microSD and microSDHC cards, SanDisk offers the following memory products specifically designed for mobile devices:

SanDisk Memory Stick Micro (M2)

The M2, or Memory Stick Micro, was designed for the Sony Ericsson.

SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC

The Mobile Ultra high-capacity cards offer faster data transfer rates and are compatible with SanDisk’s MobileMate Micro card reader.