Online Bible Study and Hermeneutics

Online Bible Study and Hermeneutics
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Why eLearning?

“E-Learning Saves Time & Travel: Travel time is saved. Your physical presence to attend a classroom lecture is avoided.” [1]

The benefit of taking Bible classes online is that it allows the flexibility of learning the Bible at a convenient time and place suitable for individuals. Being in a comfortable environment (such as at home) and being able to read alone may bring the individual closer to God. For this reason, a degree program such as one in Bible Study and Hermeneutics may suit you well.

Note: The Internet contains several online Bible Study and Hermeneutics courses and degrees, so, when deciding on what school to go with, pay close attention to its accreditation and/or affiliation(s).

List of Schools Offering Bible Studies and/or Hermeneutics

  1. Calvary Bible College


The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It’s also accredited professionally by the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

About the School

This is a school that offers Bible Study and Hermeneutics and has more than 30 courses online. The degrees offered: B.S. in Biblical Counseling and B.A. in Advanced Biblical Studies. The degree requirements: 126 hours. The tuition cost: It’s the same as the current college tuition for traditional classes, but there’s a technology fee of $125 per course.

  1. Colorado Theological Seminary


The school is accredited by Accrediting Commission International. It’s affiliated with the National Christian Counselors Association and is also an affiliate member of The Association for Biblical Higher Education.

About the School

This school offers a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Program (BBS) and a Bachelor of Ministry Program (B.Min); both programs have an approx. total cost w/o books: $3900. Tuition costs $80.00 per credit hour (excluding a study guide for $15 and other required text books).

  1. Christian Leadership University


The school is accredited through the Worldwide Accreditational Commission of Christian Educational Institutions.

About the School

The school offers a Bachelor of Biblical Studies. “[It] provides training for life and ministry.” The degree requirements: 120 quarter credits. Tuition is about $300 per 3 credit course.


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School Websites and Sources



School Websites

Calvary Bible College (B.S. in Biblical Counseling):

Calvary Bible College (B.A. in Advanced Biblical Studies):

Colorado Theological Seminary (Bachelor of Ministry):

Colorado Theological Seminary (Bachelor of Biblical Studies):

Christian Leadership University: