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Why an Online Education?

Not having the time to continue their education is a problem for most working adults. Having the option to take courses online has simplified matters, making it possible to attend courses when most convenient for the student. Moreover, these courses are flexible and student-friendly!

Some Considerations:

  • Look for schools offering various concentrations
  • Consider those schools that offer a dual masters program (providing other opportunities)

Usual Time to Complete a Degree:

It usually takes one to two academic years of study beyond a baccalaureate degree to complete a master’s degree.

Available Master of Science Programs

Some of the common courses amongst Master of Science degrees are technical or science-related. Here are a few popular disciplines: Library and Information Science, Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering, Biology, and Information technology. Please note that Universities may use MS, MSci, MSc or other designations for Master of Science degree graduates.

Popular Online Schools

The school offers many master’s programs including the M.S. in Education (M.S.Ed.), Mental Health Counseling, Nursing, and Software Engineering. It even offers the M.I.S.M - Enterprise Information Security. Programs are online, but a brief residency period might be required. Tuition ranges from $365 per quarter credit hour for the Mental Health Counseling program to approximately $700 for programs like the M.S. in Leadership. Class schedules are flexible and learning takes place asynchronously. Admission requirements vary by program but a Bachelor Degree and 2 professional references are normally required.

The institution is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) and offers several programs including the M.S. in Education, Higher Education, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Legal Studies, Management, and Nursing. Tuition varies by program: the M.S. in Accounting, for example, costs $420 per credit hour for a total program cost of $21,840. The M.S. in Legal Studies, on the other hand, has a total program cost of $19,250 ($350 per credit hour).

The school offers several programs in the fields of Human Resources, IT and Education, including the MS in IT Information Assurance and Security, Organizational Development, Human Resource Management, and Leadership. Tuition ranges from $390 to $410 per credit hour and admission requirements vary by program: a Bachelor’s Degree is required, but to enroll in some degrees, students need a current licensure in their specialty.

Other schools that offer M.S. Degrees are:

  • The University of Texas, School of Health Information Sciences at Houston. Focus areas are: Clinical Informatics, Learning and Technology, Computational Biomedicine, and a dual degree with the School of Public Health Please note that the Health Science Center (established by the University of Texas System) is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and carries additional accreditation for many of its individual programs. Admission requirements include passing a MAT or GRE, three letters of recommendation, an essay, a resume, and a personal interview. Tuition: costs vary, so it’s best to check with the school.
  • Strayer University offers a Master of Science in Information Systems that focuses on Computer Security Management, Decision Support System Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Network Management, Software Engineering Management and Systems Development Management. Tuition is $1,945 per course and additional costs include about $250 per course for textbooks and supplies. Admission requirements include proof of completion of a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, official transcripts and meeting minimum GMAT/GRE scores. Note that Strayer University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Job Outlook

If you are seeking to advance your career, obtaining a master’s degree will help. It is a vital step towards career success! The benefits of a M.S. degree include:

- It can help some people earn more money

- It can increase career prospects

Note: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,, M.S. Graduates can earn at least $60,000 annually.

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