An Online Security Management Bachelor Degree is a Great Career Boost

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A bachelor’s degree in security management is fairly specialized and is useful for entering careers in various industries. It will enable you to get positions in criminal justice, homeland security and information technology. A career option that is expanding – and where jobs are more or less guaranteed – is the job of a security guard, whose primary duty is to guard the employer’s property and protect it from illegal activity and fire.

Private security professionals are responsible for security in 85% of privately owned businesses. They are also being seen as central to the business functions in industries where they protect operations against fraud, information and property theft, workplace violence, and other security concerns that may include terrorism.

What Do Such Degrees Teach You?

Curricula in such bachelor’s degrees could include topics like leadership, security concerned with information, operations, commercial matters and retail security. They could also include executive protection, legal procedures and ethics, as well as the management of security in a global environment. Management positions can be obtained and people in the military – and public safety – pursue these degrees to enhance their skills in asset protection and risk management. Some education is needed prior to joining these security management courses and a degree in any subject is preferred for entry.

Online Options for Getting a Security Management Bachelor Degree

Online schools and colleges offer associate degrees as well as bachelors and masters degrees in security management. The enrollment requirement of every school varies, and it is best you check with career counselors before you opt for an online degree in security management.

Most colleges offer classes in homeland security, which is by far the most popular course, while other courses concerning security are available in criminal justice, forensic science, crime scene investigation, law enforcement, cyber crime and other fields. It is best that you fully research the requirements for each course and the opportunities that will be available for a career before you decide on the aspect of security management that you want to specialize in.

A number of universities and colleges offer such online courses. Distance is not a problem, because the courses are conducted online, but proximity to your residential area would be an advantage for the sake of internships. Most schools and colleges offering such degrees will also allow you to apply for scholarships or grants.

Now the question may arise - why an online degree? Would it not be better to plan on getting a degree from a brick and mortar school? Well, this is totally dependent on individual choices and preferences. These days, security concerns have reached new levels in any field, be it information technology or civil services. Opting for an online degree in security management creates a number of opportunities for students in various areas like information security, criminal justice or homeland security. It basically boosts your interest. Another reason for getting an online degree is the growing demand of security management professionals and the number of excellent colleges that offer the education online, even if they are not local to you.

Some universities and colleges offering a bachelor degree in security management online are the University of Phoenix, AIU Online, Westwood College, Grantham University, Portland State University and many others.

Career Options in Security Management

Homeland security degrees would enable you to take positions in government and law enforcement agencies. The criminal justice department would be an enthusiastic employer. There are careers available in the private and public sectors, and a bachelor’s degree specializing in cyber crime would lead you to many IT companies as well as large corporations, which have big IT departments themselves. Police departments, security providers and even affluent persons would require the services of a qualified security management professional.

According to a report of US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the earning potential of security management professionals are:

  • Campus Security Director: $54,145
  • Information Security Manager: $107,394
  • Information Systems Security Manager: $85,190
  • Security Manager: $61,863